4 interesting facts about the royalness of chikankari fabric


The beautiful chikankari fabric is an art form common to the city of Lucknow where royalty resides in its truest form. The process of turning this elegant fabric into mesmerizing pieces of Indian wear is quite the talk and today in “The Timelessmeless Indian Beauty” we are here to uncover some interesting facts about this fabric. 

1. Did you know the artisans involved in producing the mesmerizing chikankari are trained for 20 whole years to become skilled at this art form and the time it takes to master this form is justified by the beauty of the chikankari embroidery.

2. It takes 15-20 days for an artisan to complete an embroidery on a piece of fabric. There is a lot of hard work on the artisan’s part to make sure that the final product is neat and crisp before being out in the market for sales.

3. The chikankari art form is centuries old and it is believed to be inspired by Persian aesthetics and most of the designed have floral patterns on them to give it an elgant touch

4. There are 36 chikankari stitching techniques that can be done on a piece of fabric using the raw thread. Each such technique is done with precision and of utmost importance to neatness. Earlier chikankari was only done on cloth using white thread but the recent trends have changed this and it is also done using multi-colored threads, pearls, gotta Patti work, and mirror work. 

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