4 reasons you need to add khadi to your wardrobe now!

4 reasons you need to add khadi to your wardrobe now!
Image by Bishnu Sarangi from Pixabay

Khadi takes us back to the period when India was bravely leading the freedom movement and this period is where this fabric was born to boycott British clothes. What started as a strategy to create employment and enhance economic growth has now become a fashion statement. Today at “The timeless Indian beauty” we are here to introduce you to Khadi, also known as khaddar, a symbolic fabric of our nation and these 5  reasons listed below will make you empty some space in your closet and fall in love with it! 

Empowers women artisans

The most important reason why you need khadi is the fact that it is a source of employment for nearly 60-70% of women artisans who are engaged in weaving this fabric. The weaving of this symbolic fabric gives women in remote regions a source to earn their livelihood and sustain their lives. Our support towards the fabric will in a way mean we empower these women artisans and value their talent. 


The most unique thing about Khadi is not how it makes you look your effortless self but it is in the fact that this fabric keeps you cool in summers and warm in winters. During the harsh summer months khadi helps your skin to breathe and makes you feel absolutely comfortable and the same fabric has the ability to give you a cosy comfort when the temperature drops. This versatility that this fabric offers makes it a must-have!

Environment friendly  

Fast fashion is the biggest source of pollution and the toxix waste harms our environment. Khadi as a fabric is eco-friendly and it releases no toxic waste as all the work is done naturally and not in big production houses 


The best thing about Khadi fabric is its strength factor. This fabric does not loses its sheen easily and has a shelf life of about four to five years. The fact that the fabric becomes better looking after each wash is what makes it the best of all! 

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