5 interesting myths about the entrepreneurial world: Popping that bubble!

Image by birgl from Pixabay

Myth1. “Your Idea SHOULD be unique” 

Many people don’t enter the entrepreneurial world thinking their idea isn’t unique enough to bring anything to the table. This entire concept of ‘you have to be unique’ isn’t true at all. You can proceed with an existing idea and offer the same set of services but, ‘how’ you approach is going to make you stand out. With time you may come up with different strategies to expand your reach or make you recognizable. It is very important to drop such ideas of being unique because many businesses even though start with a unique idea, sometimes fail to take their place in the market. 

Myth2. “The earlier, the better”

There is no age to become an entrepreneur. You can be 17 or 50, it doesn’t make a difference! It is put across that to become an entrepreneur you have to start young. It is very important to stay clear of such myths. It is neither too late nor too early. Entrepreneurship has no specific rules. It is okay if you want to try your hands at something and even fail several times. It is also okay to leave a secure job to follow your passion. Support and encourage people who have not pursued their passion because they thought age was an issue and pop that bubble of myth for them! 

Myth3. “Being an entrepreneur comes organically”.

There is no hard and fast rule to become an entrepreneur. You may be passionate about something but it takes discipline and patience to grow the seeds of entrepreneurship. It is a myth that entrepreneurs are born, not made. You may have a very good idea to start with but it all comes down to how strong-headed and assertive you are along with being open to developing various skills. 

Myth4. “Quitting/failing is not an option”

When it comes to entrepreneurship, some people believe that quitting or failing is a big no. This mentality blocks growth and makes people fear entrepreneurship. Failure should be accepted as positive feedback and a ground reality that many people face in whatever they do. Where one cannot predict their failures, it is always better to be prepared for such mishaps and also when confronted with similar situations be motivated and confident enough to try and minimize the damage. 

Myth5. “Their work is their entire life”

People strongly believe that being an entrepreneur is having no personal life. Surely, starting something from the scratch does require you to put in those extra hours and efforts. Time management is an essential skill to master and it comes into play many times as an entrepreneur. Having something of your own, one can manage it the way they want. They are open to deciding their plans and reschedule a few things if necessary to make time for other important things like friends and family. 

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