5 reasons why Thriting should be your go-to option.

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Thrifting is a sustainable way of dealing with old clothes. It is a great alternative for fast fashion. Thrifting means to shop from a flea market or a thrift store where used items like outfits, bags are sold at a discounted price. But old products does not imply that it is in a bad state or condition, items which are pre-owned and are in a good condition to use it in future days are generally sold at thrift stores.

People were not that habituated with thrifting earlier, but things are changing for good slowly but steadily. People are thrifting a lot than earlier these days. It surely saves our money as we buy things at a large discount but the best part is that it is extremely good for the environment too.

5 reasons why you should choose thrifting over shopping for new things-

Less usage of Water- Tons and tons of water are used and polluted to make a handful of outfits. Around 650 gallons of water is used to make a new cotton shirt and about 1800 gallons of water is used to make a pair of jeans. Strange, right? Also, the dyes used to add colors pollutes the rivers and lakes. Thrifting is a great option to save these precious natural resources from getting wasted to make new clothes.

Less Carbon Emission- Fashion industries emit 10% of the carbon emitted by the entire humanity. These emit more carbon than international flights and maritime shipping combined. Thrifting lowers the emission of carbon.
Pollution gets decreased- Natural fibres like cotton need to be genetically grown to meet the needs of the consumers and this requires the usage of lots of pesticides. According to a research, it has been found that about 20% of pesticide used worldwide, is used only or the cultivation of cotton plants. Therefore thrifting helps in preventing water pollution and soil pollution.

Reduction of Landfills- About 85% of clothes ends up in landfills every year. This huge quantity of clothes is enough to fill a Sydney harbor. Most of our clothing ends up in landfills. On average, about one truck full of cloth is dumped or burned in landfills in 1 second. Therefore thrifting delays the process of clothes and other items getting dumped in the landfills.

Saving the Marine Life- Synthetic fibres like polyester and nylon are the worst. While manufacturing and washing the clothes made of these fibres, tiny pieces known as microfibres are released into the ocean. About 500,000 tons of microfibers are released into the ocean annually. These microfibres do not degrade and mix with the soil and disturb the natural habitat of marine life.

Thrifting has been proven effective as a sustainable way of shopping as it helps in reducing the demand in the main fashion market. Therefore it results in the betterment of nature and also helps in taking care of the environment.

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