A Hijabi, A modest fashion influencer, and an entrepreneur; Meet Huma Joad who unfolded her journey with us at OoWER!

Huma Joad ; Instagram: @wrapmyhijab_shop

Huma Joad began her entrepreneurial journey a year ago by founding http://www.wrapmyhijab.com when the nationwide lockdown hit and while recalling her journey with us today she mentions how this period has not only been a period of immense growth for her but also driven her to embrace her modest self proudly and inspire others to do the same. 

In an exclusive interview with OoWER, Huma gets candid about her journey leaving a little message for all our viewers out there! 

Oower:  Huma before we come to your journey, tell us how being a modest influencer has been for you so far?

Huma: I feel the word modest differs from person to person. A coin has two sides so does the world of social media. Being an influencer has exposed me to a lot of opinions and if I am being completely honest, sometimes I receive more hate than love simply for being myself. Yes, reading a lot of comments make me feel bad but then the good ones, the support, praise, even from a bunch of people is what helps me to keep going. I am thankful to all the little love I get and I hope that with my clear intent the hate will also turn into love someday. 

Oower: Now coming to your startup, and if I could put it simply, Why a hijab store? 

Huma:  Being a modest fashion influencer I came to realize how that my hijab is not just some piece of cloth but my identity. It’s something that is and will always be a part of me no matter what I do and where I go. Realizing its utmost and undeniable importance in my life, I knew this is what I should be doing. Not because it’s some fashion statement or could be one, but because it simply makes me feel like myself more and it could be that source of “acceptance” for someone else too helping them to embrace their hijab confidently 

Website: http://www.wrapmyhijab.com
Instagram: @wrapmyhijab_shop

Oower: Huma so far there has been a clear picture of your startup, your influencer life, but what we want to know is something more real. Why do you think it’s important to spread the word about your life as a Hijabi as well? 

Huma: I never thought I would become a modest fashion influencer. It was something that never occurred to me but it did happen for me and it happened because of my Hijab. When I started wearing my own, and I put the pressure on these two words “free will”, I fell in love with it. It became very close to me, a part of my personality, and soon it also became my strong willpower. My startup ‘Wrap my Hijab’ and me, I both live by this quote; “WRAP my hijab is the only destination for those who follow their love for fashion, acceptance of their beliefs, love for their faith and embrace themselves as confident beings” 

I have seen many women and young girls feeling shy and I want them to know that your Hijab is the most beautiful thing about you and you can be as fashionable as you want even with your head covered.

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