A man in Delhi beaten up by the Police for calling the ‘100’ helpline number.

    beaten for calling 100
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    Police usually is a body that is established to serve and to help the citizens of a land. Whenever something unlawful takes place or things get out of one’s hand, people call the police to come for their rescue and to set the situation at ease through lawful measures. However, in India’s Delhi opposite of what police ideally stands for happened. Read up to know more.

    Wasim Khan, a 29-year-old man residing in Delhi’s Chhatarpur area was allegedly brutally thrashed and beaten up by police officials of Fatehpur Beri Police Station when they took him to record his statement in a complaint made by him on 100 helpline number. Khan had dialed 100 from his phone to complain about a fight that had broken out in his neighborhood which seemed to have gotten out of control, reported The Wire.

    On May 17, a fight broke out in the Chhatarpur area where Khan resides, and the two parties started throwing stones at each other. This compelled Khan to dial 100 and complain about it. The police from Fatehpur Beri came and dispersed the crowd and broke up the fight and sometime later, around 11.30 pm came back to pick up Khan stating that they needed to record the statement with regards to the incident. They took him and 5 others, all Muslims under the same pretext.

    “They beat me with their lathis. Sub-inspector Satender Guliya hit me with his elbows and kept striking a lathi on my back. The other two men, Praveen and Jitender, kicked me, beat me and even held me upside down,” Khan recounted to The Wire. He further alleged that the three policemen,  sub-inspector Satender Guliya, head constable Praveen and constable Jitender, used communal, anti-Muslim slurs. Policemen literally asked Khan questions like, which translates to, ‘will you dare to call the 100 helpline number, again? You people have created a nuisance, you bloody Mullahs’.

    Khan was let go in a couple of hours and in a few days, the pain in his back only worsened. When the family took him to the hospital, it was found that he needs surgery in his spine. When he was taken to the hospital, the medical staff lodged a medico-legal complaint, and police from Vasant Kunj police station came. However, the aforementioned police station was hesitant to lodge a complain at first and did it only after a lot of pressure.

    A man was beaten up for calling the police for all legitimate reasons. Beaten up to the point where the man’s vertebral column, his spine didn’t remain properly functional. The only reason of the assault on the man was his religious identity and the communal hatred embedded in the minds of the policemen.  Who do the citizens call when the law enforcers oppress?

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