A man in Delhi killed his wife in broad daylight; While the flame has turned cold over this news, here’s why it needs more attention than it got.

    A horrific incident took place in broad daylight in the national capital that makes me question the conditions of survival for the womenfolk in our country.

    A horrific incident took place in broad daylight in the national capital that makes me question the conditions of survival for the womenfolk in our country.

    On the 10th of April, Saturday, a brutal incident took place in a crowded market in New Delhi’s Rohini, Budh Vihar, where a woman, named Nilu Mehta, aged 26 years old, an employee of the Safdarjung Hospital, was stabbed 25 times to death by her significant other, Harish Mehta, an employee of the Marriage Bureau, on grounds of his suspicion of Nilu Mehta having an extramarital affair. Harish is said to have stabbed Nilu 25 times, even after she succumbed to death. The incident which happened during the afternoon did attract a large crowd but definitely, not one among the mob provided protection to the victim or tried to save her. Claims were made stating that the perpetrator threatened those who tried to stop him. Around hundreds of people present there recorded the entire incident instead of taking immediate action. However, it is shocking to see that even the sight of such a horrific crime did not force people to save the woman, and therefore, if one witnesses the bigger picture, the problem is a lot more terrible than it appears to be.

    This incident is a lot more problematic than it appears to be. Violence against women has been increasing rapidly, and each time, instances of brutality have reached a new low. The audacity of a man to stab his wife to death was a direct result of his lack of fear of punishment which is only possible in the light of delayed justice.

    Moreover, this incident happens to be highly troublesome for it portrays the true nature of the country we live in, by giving us a layout of the general population, who express their inhumane character and lack of empathy by not stepping in to stop this criminal act. By not discouraging the crime, they have become direct agents of giving this man, Harish, the authority to kill his wife amidst so many people. In fact, people were more interested in capturing the incident rather than stopping it. Although a lot of information stating the number of threats by the perpetrator has been recognized as the major reason as to why people didn’t opt-out to save the women are coming into the forefront, it is, however, impossible to believe that so many together could do nothing to stop the accuser. A huge mob could have definitely overpowered the man.

    In a country like ours, where women are objectified, it is usually believed that it is best to not interfere in marital disputes between people, even in light of extreme and harsh instances of violence. This is a major reason that women have been victims of violence and men are not guilty and afraid of placing women in grave and harsh conditions.

    Social media platforms have been expressing rage against the victim, for having harassed his husband by being in an extramarital affair, which was just the husband’s suspicion, and in light of such a reason, justified the activities undertaken by the perpetrator. In fact, netizens have blamed the psychological effects of the lockdown to be a cause of the crime, and have justified it by stating pandemics to be a result of such brutality. It is disappointing to witness how the accuser is being protected and the accused is blamed, expressing a clear disparity between the position that men and women acquire in this society.

    Moreover, what makes this incident highly complicated is the effect of utmost dependency on societal norms which mostly fail to adhere to and address issues relating to women. It is not just the lack of fear of jurisdiction that inclines a segment of society to oppress and ostracize women by committing violence against them, but, it in fact is bigger than this. We clearly tend to ignore how people are avoiding the consideration of such affairs as pathological and problematic. The rate of women being subject to such brutal instances is so high that the report of such issues is looked in normally. People hardly voice their opinions against such brutalities or do it for a day or two, until they finally shun away from such incidents and go back to their personal lives, considering it to be a condition of normalcy, expressing their sheer ignorance and forgetting it when in fact, it is horrific enough to even let go.

    It is terrible to imagine that the victim, Nilu, died because of a mere suspicion by her significant other, and by lack of will in people to provide protection to her. It is not just this one case that proves to be an instance of brutality and violence against women, but various such instances have been reported in the course of past 20 days that have thrown light on how women when fail to prove their “loyalty” or go against the will of their significant other, are killed and left to die. Thus, the condition of our country is such that women are objectified, oppressed, dominated, now killed as well, on grounds of a man’s whims and fancies.

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