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A vision to transform brands digitally, the founder of Social Verve talks about the recent shift in the world of digital marketing and its perks

Social verve rebranded after 6 months keeping the brand essence in mind and laying emphasis on rebranding to keep up with the current trends! Instagram: @socialverve

Instagram: @socialverve

Anushree Mittal founded Social Verve about 6 months ago and today in a conversation with Oower she is here to talk about the changing dynamics of digital marketing and how it’s superseding traditional marketing. A certified digital marketer, Anushree founded her startup to help other small business owners to gain recognition socially and to make them aware of the power of social media. Social Verve works closely with a mix of all industries covering fashion labels, cloud kitchen, restaurants, nutritionists, and also takes up small projects like logo making, brochures, designing unique business cards, basically helping a brand to gain recognition in every possible way.

“My goal is to empower people and motivate them to start their own business from the comfort of their homes. You do not need an office setup or a big team to begin with and my vision is not only to grow with them but also educate them on topics related to social media marketing,” she says.

In a conversation with us, Anushree focuses on the ongoing pandemic and how her brand has helped many small business owners like her to grow at this point of time, and expand their horizons.

Oower: Social Verve works in full swing as an agency and this is something all agencies will relate to. Do you think the affordability factor gets in the way?

Anushree: Being in this business for quite some time now, I have come to the conclusion that people overlook the quality and focus more on “affordability”. Having said that, I am thankful to have clients who recognize us for the quality work we deliver and understand the hard work we put in to make their brand stand out. My team and I, treat each brand we work for like it’s our own brainchild so everything that we deliver is also precious to us as it is to the concerned brand. I believe one should receive what one pays for and we work tirelessly to stand true to our motto. Even today when brands approach us to be associated with my agency, I know for a fact that my motto is working and it is not only being recognized but also resonated with.

Oower: Talking about team work, what is that one thing that you and your team would never compromise on?

Anushree: Team Social Verve focuses on client satisfaction. For us, there is nothing more important than making sure that our client gets exactly the kind of work they have been looking forward to. We make sure that when they get their deliverables they are not only happy with it but they also feel satisfied with their decision to choose our agency to invest their time, money, and energy. The process of making the client happy is never easy. I am blessed with a team that works indefatigably, having brainstorming sessions, researching, and also taking the client’s perspective into consideration along with our creative thought process. After quality, the deadline is another important factor that we religiously follow. Our goal is not only to deliver good work but also in a timely fashion. In the world of digital marketing, time is given utmost importance in the context of posting content or going live with a campaign, and to make sure the brand does not face problems on the final day, we deliver everything beforehand.

Oower: Do you think this pandemic changed the game for traditional marketing?

Anushree: The current scenario speaks for itself and the answer is yes. Earlier people knew digital marketing is a thing but very few invested in it and chose traditional forms of marketing over it. The ongoing pandemic changed the entire game for digital marketing and now we are seeing it superseding traditional marketing. More and more people are recognizing its power and I think it’s time brands realize that social media presence in this era matters irrespective of the intensity of your business. The pandemic has restricted major activities of our day and due to the lockdown few stores are able to function offline which in a way circumscribes traditional marketing. The pressure to grow digitally came into the picture with this pandemic. People soon realized that it not only expands the horizon of their business but also makes it convenient for them because now they have the option to work from their homes and no external factor like a lockdown can affect their business. Having said that, this is the main reason we saw a rise in the number of small businesses and many existing businesses turned digital in 2020.

“I believe digital marketing can be a game-changer for your startup. If you are able to find the right agency, one that understands your brand vision, works relentlessly towards building your brand by putting a strategy in place that would work best for you, there is nothing that can stop your business from flourishing socially”

Oower: I think many small business owners would like to know this. Do you think it’s important for a startup to be associated with an agency from the start? If yes, what difference it makes to the brand image?

Anushree: Social Verve has been working with many startups from the time they step foot in the market and we also have brands with us that joined us later after being found. Having worked with both, I can say that the difference is evidently sharp. When you work with an agency right from the start, you are building a brand from scratch and the agency makes sure your intent is through from the first post itself. An agency helps you to build your audience with good relatable content that will in turn increase your sales. But Social Verve has also worked with brands that were functioning on their own without any external help for a long time and saw that their follower reach and sales took a downward turn and became stagnant because they didn’t know how to strategize it, what tools to use to increase engagement or what content would resonate more with their audience. So looking for an agency from the start can be great for your startup because they would know the right way for you to grow and increase your sales along with your follower reach.

Founder: Anushree Mittal
Instagram: @socialverve

“One thing that I always say is that digital marketing is not an expense for your brand, it is an investment. I have had brands who expected results in a week or two but this is not how this works. In the world of digital marketing, an evident change is not something you get overnight. It is a different ball-game that requires time, patience, and consistency”


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