“Aao Milo Silo India Ko” by Gauri Khurana

“Aao Milo Silo India Ko” by Gauri Khurana
Kanha Curates

Gauri Khurana founded “Kanha Curates” in 2020, August. Revealing her dreams and hopes from her startup, Gauri engaged with us in an interesting conversation about Indian culture and its heritage. 

Oower:  Being connected to our roots is difficult when we are away from those very things that remind us of its existence. Tell us what was it that inspired you for this amazing journey. 

Gauri: The starting point of my inspiration was my conversations with people from different ethnicities. Most of them missed their hometown for the regional food, attire, artworks and the lifestyle they used to lead back there. I understood the local and regional products aren’t easily available in other parts of the country and it’d be a breakthrough if somehow I curate such unique stuff and sell them through an online platform.

As our idea doesn’t just revolve around the Indian products but also gives an equal importance to the artisan communities creating them. Such communities lack both resources and reach and it was a challenge for us to connect with them. To resolve this, we came to the conclusion to start conversations around such lesser heard but important topics through our Instagram and build an online community of like-minded people who understand and support the cause, becoming the voice of such communities around them. Thankfully we see that happening and some of the people who follow us have helped us connect with such artisans and even shared some stories with us.

Oower:  Gauri, when we say that the topic of our culture and heritage should be given more importance there is always a purpose behind it and it differs from person-to-person. What is that “purpose” for you? 

Gauri: Living in a big city like Delhi, I’ve observed most of us live in closed quarters and don’t really understand how the life in small cities and rural India is like, due to lack of reach and ignorance. I saw the first concrete step I could take towards filling this gap is by starting conversations around this through content creation on Instagram. Through all the content I share, I want people to take action in whatever possible way they can, I want them to help make local produce and people strong. The purpose is to make them take pride in their ethnicity and spend in locally sourced and produced goods. That’s the very reason we at Kanha Curates are working to curate ethically and locally sourced products to bridge the gap of underprivileged communities and the urban consumer and make India a developed nation.

Oower:  When we pursue something we believe in, we also have a vision for it. What has that been for Kanha Curates?

Gauri: While we’re still in our nascent phase and are currently working on the launch of our line of products. Our core value has always been up-liftment of Indian art with artisan, farm produce with the farmer and that’s why we say Aao Milo Silo India Ko (let’s weave India together). In every product we sell we want it to be authentic, unique and representing the story and the thought of its creator, the artisan!

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