An Overview of 2021 Legislative Assembly Election Results.


    2021 was crucial for West Bengal, Assam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry as all of these states and a union territory were to elect who’s going to take the power of its Legislative Assembly.

    On 2nd May 2021 came the results of the elections which took place in the aforementioned states and UT. Proving all the exit polls wrong AITMC’s Mamata Banerjee bagged 213 seats, 2 more than its total in 2016, and on 5 May 2021 sworn in as the CM for the third time in a row. Tamil Nadu chose MK Stalin-led DMK which won 156 seats denying the ruling AIADMK a third straight term. In Kerala CPIM’s Pinarayi Vijayan-led alliance LDF created history in Kerala after retaining power with over 90 seats. Meanwhile, the BJP led NDA made a comeback in Assam and also will form a government in Puducherry.

    West Bengal after having a Left government for 34 years from 1977 chose TMC for the first time in 2011. Mamata Banerjee became the Chief Minister of the state from 2011 to 2016 and then again came to power in 2016 and remained serving the state since then. All of that time BJP was a negligible force in West Bengal as it managed to win 0 seats in 2011 and 3 seats in 2016. After having won 18/42 Lok Sabha seats in 2019, BJP started becoming strong in the state and it was believed that BJP may form a government in West Bengal after winning a majority in the 2021 Assembly Elections. However, BJP could only win 79 seats and TMC formed the government for the 3rd time in West Bengal.

    Tamil Nadu was ruled for 10 years by AIDMK. The famous actress turned politician of Tamil Nadu, Jayalalitha belonged to AIDMK and she ruled until her death in 2016. The party managed to carry on the wave of her fame and governance and continued to rule the state for 5 more years. In 2021 finally, DMK’s Stalin managed to secure the majority at the Tamil Legislative Assembly and is to become the Chief Minister of the State.

    Kerala is known for its reboot every 5 years. Parties keep changing places. Congress-led UDF wins and 5 years later CPIM led LDF comes to power. For the first time in several decades, Kerala decided to re-elect the same alliance and CM to power as Vijayan’s LDF won the majority in the Kerala Legislative Assembly. Vijayan became the CM for 2nd term in a row in 2021.

    Just like West Bengal and Kerala, Assam decided to re-elect the previous government to power as BJP led coalition. BJP came to power in Assam in 2016 and Sarbananda Sonowal had become the CM but this time around the politician to fill the CM’s seat is unsure as the party still has not decided as to who will become the CM in Assam.

    In Puducherry a AINRC and BJP led coalition will form the government after securing a clear majority of 16 out of 30 seats.

    2021 state elections was an election where several regional parties and leaders emerged as supreme. BJP managed to win zero seats in Kerala and only 4 in Tamil Nadu, however, its performance in West Bengal rising from 3 seats to 79 can be in future troublesome for the security of Mamata’s TMC and consequently the people of West Bengal.


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