Another year, same time, but the cause of death remains the same; POOR GOVERNANCE

poor governance
Credit : twitter @BJP4INDIA

As the second wave of covid-19 took an aggressive turn, the failure of management by the government can be evidently seen. While reports on some news channels and newspapers say otherwise, the ground reality of the pandemic is horrifying and sending chills to our spine. Various footage and visuals from people who have lost their family members, some searching for medicines and authentic sources to get oxygen cylinders, and front-line healthcare workers breaking down while requesting people to take as much precaution as possible speak volumes about the reality of the situation.

Entering the second year of the pandemic the situation seems to be aggravated than last year but the problems remain the same. Shortage of beds, oxygen cylinders, injections, panic among the migrants, and the uncountable bodies waiting to be cremated is a loud cry how our government has failed us. The people of India are asking today if we have lost the battle against covid-19 because this is everything we had to be prepared for.

The government seems to be unaffected by the horrifying ground reality as we come across various footages of rallies being held in huge numbers giving utmost importance to the ongoing elections but very little to our welfare.

Thousands of people, unmasked, overstepping the norms of social distancing, attending these rallies in the presence of our Prime Minister addressing the crowd has raised a lot of eyebrows.

People have started questioning where are the funds that were collected under the “PM CARES” fund solely for the purpose to avoid this exact situation and strengthen the healthcare infrastructure.

A disturbing incident came into light recently where a senior Journalist from UP, Vinay Srivastava lost his life begging for oxygen in multiple tweets, pleading the government to extend their support and help him get immediate aid but his cry for help fell into deaf ears. Another such incident became news when comedian Prashashti Singh posted on her social media revealing her horrifying experience of getting one oxygen cylinder for her mother who had tested positive and was in dire need of it. While we come across such stories from people who have a voice to break their silence on the ground reality, we can only imagine how things are for people whose stories might never reach us.

The aggressive pattern of the second wave and how it’s being managed is a reminder and display of how deeply the leaders we elect for our welfare think about us. While we manage to fight the uncertainty related to covid-19, we must understand how serious the issue is and only step out of our homes if it’s absolutely necessary. Follow the norms of social distancing and be masked at all times when you step out. There are only a few things we as citizens can do and that is taking all the necessary precautions and adhering to the norms to successfully fight the second wave.

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