Aquil Qureshi, a butcher, thrown off his roof for not bribing the police.

Source: thequint

On the night of 24 May at around 1:00 am few policemen barged into the home of Aquil Qureshi who was a butcher/meat seller. A resident of UP’s Bulandshar, Qureshi was often tormented by the local police for weekly sums of money. This time, on that night of 24th, at least 3 policemen as reported by Aquil’s wife Shahana came again asking for money. Usually, Aquil would pay them but this time around apparently he was financially unstable, being a manual labourer during state lockdown, so he was unable to give any sum immediately but tried to assure the police that he’ll give them the money next morning.

UP police being police, grabbed his collar and, as reported by Aquil’s wife Shahana who was a witness to the whole incident,

 They got angry and held onto his collar and said they needed the money right away. He repeated himself, saying that he wouldn’t go right away but would go in the morning. This resulted in the police beating him and Shahana claims that the police threw him off the roof of his own house. The allegation of him being thrown off the roof by the policemen has also been repeated by Aquil’s daughters two of whom were on the terrace when this alleged incident happened. “We saw the police use the butt of the gun to hit our father on the head, he had started bleeding after that. Then they abused him and threw him off the terrace. When we went down to see our father, there was some substance jutting out of his injured and bloody head,” his daughters said to Quint.

The police left immediately after the incident and Shahana screamed to get help.

The family then took Aquil to three hospitals between 24 May and 27 May. Eventually, he died on 27 May at a private hospital in Delhi after being referred to one from Aligarh. His wife, and his cousin Tahir, could not recall the name of the hospital. She said, “We are illiterate people. I am in a state of panic. What will I do about my kids?” Shahana recounts the incident saying that she stood shivering on the terrace watching the police beat his husband for not being able to pay ₹5000 at the dead of night during a state lockdown. She also said that the police even abused her and threatened to throw off too.

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