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As the Second Wave pasts its peak, India gets ready for a possible Third Wave

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The second wave which started during the month of March, peaked during the month of May when India recorded more than 4 lakh cases for 4 to 5 straight days. Things had gotten normal after the first wave in 2020, but as 2021 came, with summer came the waves of infections again. Cases surged from thousands to lacs with more than 3 thousand deaths in a day. There were shortages of oxygen, medicine, beds, the conditions were horrific. However, June brought hope as 2 days ago the number of cases dropped below 1 lakh after a period of more than 2 months.

India on Tuesday registered 86,498 fresh Covid-19 cases, the lowest in over two months, pushing the country’s recovery rate to 94.29 per cent. India has reported the lowest Covid cases in 66 days, and less than one lakh Covid cases after 63 days.

India’s active caseload has further declined to 13,03,702, a decrease of 97,907 in the past 24 hours. After over 1.82 lakh patients’ recovery in the past 24 hours, the total recoveries have climbed to 2,73,41,462. Notably, the recoveries have continued to outnumber the daily Covid cases for the 26th consecutive day. While the weekly positivity rate currently stands at 5.94 per cent, the daily positivity rate has dropped to 4.62 per cent, less than 10 per cent for 15 consecutive days.

However, as we are past the worst of second wave, talks have already begun about a very possible onset of the third wave which may hit India. NITI Aayog member VK Saraswat said that preparations should be completed to deal with the third wave of COVID-19, which may affect younger population.

Saraswat said that India’s epidemiologists have given very clear indications that the third wave of Covid-19 is inevitable, and it is likely to start from September-October. Therefore the country should vaccinate more and more people. He said, “I think we have done reasonably well. We have managed the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic very well, as a result, Covid-19 numbers have come down significantly.

Many regional governments such as that of West Bengal, Delhi and others have already begun preparing their medical infrastructure to deal with the possible onset of the third wave. The Centre also issued latest guidelines today which informed the masses about how to deal with children below the age of 5 suffering from the infection. They have asked doctors to only treat them with oxygen therapy, and steroids or remdesivir has been told to avoid in case of kids below 5.


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