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ONEarth: Be the change
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The world is facing a challenge coping with global warming and while we all may talk about it, only a few come forward to make our suggestions turn into reality. “In our pursuit of the ideal, we tend to pursue anything and everything, impervious to the trail of waste we leave behind in our wake”. This particular thing came into Nitika’s mind that changed her entire outlook on promoting a sustainable lifestyle and became a big turning point in her life. Nitika Sonkhiya engineer cum entrepreneur founded ONEarth in 2016 that offers a range of eco-friendly products. Nitika’s entrepreneurial journey has been solely dedicated to make our world a better place by making the products that we use in our daily lives eco-friendly and also empowering local artisans in the manufacturing of the same. 

A step taken

Considering the use of our everyday products and the plastic that goes into the making of it has always been a concern for Nitika. She somewhere knew that bringing in a change isn’t easy but it is also not impossible. Nitika began thinking of ways and techniques to cease the use of plastic in products that we use in our daily lives. She focused on her two major concerns, to promote Indian artisans locally and globally both, and to make this planet plastic-free. 

Under Nitika’s brand ONEarth, she makes sure that everything that is marketed to people is meeting the said quality standards, is eco-friendly, chemical-free, and tested personally before being rolled out for sales. 


Instagram: @myonearth


Instagram: @myonearth                                        

A voice for the unheard

ONEarth has been working diligently towards promoting and up-skilling local women entrepreneurs by giving them a platform to showcase and make the most of their talents. They work with recognized NGO’s that share similar interests like their brand. These NGO’s act like their manufacturing centers pushing women to gain financial independence. Their belief “An empowered woman can empower women” keeps them going forward in the hope of uplifting as many women as possible both locally and globally. 

Nitika’s journey so far came across a mix of emotions and opinions from people but her belief that persistence is the key has kept her pillars rock solid for her initiative. One should be brave enough to face the world with a warm smile even though there may be many opposing or not believing in you. As long as you are persistent, you can unfold wonderful things for yourself and the world! 

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