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Be your own sunshine; Kashish Mahajan


Kashish Mahajan founded ‘Dandelion dreams’ two years ago in August 2017 with no expectations that it would be this big today. Kashish, an architect by profession turned into an artist to keep herself sane from her 9 to 5 job. All art pieces curated by Kashish speak of a new wave and style that many people haven’t explored before. Having a thing for good things and vibes, Kashish began making beautifully handcrafted personalized embroidery hoops. Kashish caters to her clients all across India and in the near future wishes to ship internationally. 


Patches on the road

No new beginning is absent of struggles and Kashish was also introduced to many as she stepped foot in her entrepreneurial journey. Her art style is playful, chic, and vibrant with something rare that many people have not seen before and only a few people practice. So the initial struggle that she faced was getting the right audience to her page.  Another major problem that she had to tackle was a certain piece of artwork not turning up as expected or sometimes couriers not reaching on time even though they were sent to be shipped days ago. 

As she is working single-handedly, looking after all areas of her startup from marketing, to stocking on raw material, management, and communicating with clients, it has been all difficult and chaotic but mostly fun! Learning and evolving are two major things to preach and follow when you are an entrepreneur. Every bad experience is a good medium to learn and grow if only one has the eye to look at it the other way. 


All bad days are a sign of good days. 

Even though the struggles came one after the other, Kashish did not step aside from working hard. Kashish has always been that ordinary girl who loved to make art, working hard each day, creating something new and original, and three years down the line she has an organic bunch of followers who genuinely love her art. Her journey as an entrepreneur has been all about patience and coping with every hard situation life threw at her. She wishes to keep creating art, spreading love, and making people feel special with her beautifully handcrafted art pieces! 


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