Beautifying homes since 2012; Ashish Goel

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Ashish Goel co-founded Urban Ladder in 2012 along with Rajiv Srivatsa in Bangalore, Karnataka. 41-year old Ashish worked with several companies like Mckinsey & Co. and Yahoo before coming up with something to call his own. When both of them struggled to get decent and stylish furniture for their apartments, it was then that they realized the need for one such place in the market that would transform the way people look at furniture and home décor. They also realized that the online world didn’t give much space catering to people buying stylish, budget-friendly, and beautiful furniture and home décor. This was the beginning of an innovative startup and the duo named it – Urban Ladder. 

Being exceptional

They recognized a large market opportunity and started Urban Ladder with a small team of 10 people who they came in contact with from friends and family. Their target and vision was clear- transparency and honesty and, paramount importance to customer needs and wants. Interacting with vendors to trust their brand was a task. After a lot of conversation about what the brand stands for, they were able to get some vendors on board.  The unique concept grabbed people’s attention and it wasn’t too late till it became a hit. 


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Creativity is another key factor and also an important one that has made this brand stand out. In an interview, Ashish revealed that they even cancel product launches if they find the design and style of the piece not up to the mark as their goal is to beautify homes with aesthetic pieces. 

Teamwork pays off! 

Even though they started off with a small team, every participant in the team was an active member and has worked diligently to make the brand stand on its vision.

Ashish believes that it is not only for the founder to trust the vision set but it is important that the entire team, every employee, irrespective of their position in the company trust the process and the vision to make the brand a success.

Ashish was blessed with one such team and was also voted by the Network 7 Media Group Jury as “Game Changer Entrepreneur of the year” 2016 at Satya Brahma founded 8th edition of India Leadership Conclave 2016. He has been able to deliver quality furniture and beautify homes by increasing its reach and operating in 75 cities in India with over 5000 designs in 35 categories. 

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