Benarsi; a cultural trademark

Benarasi saree
Photo by Bulbul Ahmed on Unsplash

The enchanting Benarasi silk has its roots in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh dating back to a long history of royalty and sheer elegance. While some high fashion trends have made their place over time, the beautiful Benarasi has its own charm and resists losing its shine. Our country India is a land of rich cultural heritage and every Indian attire we wear has a story that speaks highly about how every print, style, color, and design is a work of fine craftsmanship and the unique creativity that goes into it.

Today, at “The timeless Indian beauty” we bring to you some exciting facts about the rich and mesmerizing Benarasi Silk 

Fact 1. 

These sarees are hand weaved in a traditional manner to keep the beauty and fineness intact. Skilled artisans weave each saree carefully giving utmost importance to the design and quality. An artisan may take up to 15 to 6 months to complete one Benarsi silk saree 

Fact 2. 

Benarasi sarees are made using fine quality silk threads. There is no compromise to achieve the final look of the saree. These fine quality silk threads are original gold and silver threads. A typical Benarasi saree contains 5600 thread wires. 

Fact 3. 

This existence of fine art of Benarasi sarees dates back to Mughal Empire. Inspired by Persian designs and motifs, Benarasi saree was born and given life by skilled artisans.

Fact 4. 

A Benarasi saree has its own geographical indication or GI, which means that now you can identify if the saree you have bought is original or not with the help of this tag. This tag permits only 6 states of Uttar Pradesh to sell under the name in order to protect the interests of skilled artisans and ensure customers good quality sarees. 

A Benarasi Silk saree is something that you need in your wardrobe. These six yards of sheer elegance can be styled in so many beautiful ways and the most assuring thing about it is that no matter how it’s styled it reflects beauty and royalty! 

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