Best YouTube channels worth subscribing in lockdown

Here’s the list of most diverse Youtubers to subscribe right now in lockdown! Flying Beast, Beerbiceps, Aman Dhattarwal,Sana Grover and Tarun Kukreja.
Flying Beast, Beerbiceps, Aman Dhattarwal,Sana Grover and Tarun Kukreja.

With everyone locked down in their houses nowadays, only having access to social media, here’s the list of most diverse YouTubers you can go and subscribe right now! These are Flying Beast, Beerbiceps, Aman Dhattarwal,SanaGrover and Tarun Kukreja.


Gaurav Taneja and his wife are the captain of the most famous airline of India, currently with a number of 2.50 million subscribers are the most likeable nowadays. His channel mainly exhibits the vlog on fitness, travel journeys, family and personal life. Not only this, but he also runs a second channel with the name Fitmuscle Tv where he posts videos about how you can remain healthy despite having a hectic routine.

Credit: FLYING BEAST on YouTube


Ranveer allahbadia’s channel is currently regarded as spreading the most motivational and inspirational words among teenagers and young adults. His channel is the most diversified youtube channel in the current scenario giving tips on how to deal with depression, alcoholism, etc. Not only, he spreads fitness tips for males but also is dedicated towards females.

He also introduced a concept of podcasts on youtube where he interviews famous entrepreneurs, CEOs, founders discussing about their struggling journey.

Credit : BEERBICEPS on YouTube


Undoubtedly, his channel is the best for school and college students where he not only guides and motivates the students but also teaches them subjects like physics and he is even ranked no.1 teacher on Unacademy. He is even co-founder of Apni Kaksha, where his friend teaches languages like Java and makes them corporate ready.

Credit: AMAN DHATTARWAL on YouTube


Currently, her channel is almost at 80K subscribers with content mainly about lifestyle, entertainment and beauty. She is the perfect epitome of how to balance studies and youtube. Not only this, she even guides teenagers and young adults on how to keep themselves fit and maintain a daily healthy routine and personal hygiene.

Credit: SANA GROVER on YouTube


He is a delhi based youtuber, even famous by his other name nickkmusic. His content is not only focused on making entertaining daily vlogs, but rather is also a rapper/singer and loves to produce his own music. Currently, his song Pehlu hit 67k views on youtube and received huge love from fans.


Even during quarantine, he releases his own music video on every Sunday making this difficult time lovely for his fans.

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