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No doubt, that stock market is highly volatile and one can easily loose or gain millions in it. Also, people think twice before entering into this market. But , at the end of this article I am sure that you will be able to predict the results based on astrology easily and would gain millions out of this market!

“ Anyone can become a millionaire, but to become billionaire you need an astrologer “-J.P. MORGAN

For this, we need to understand that what exactly astrology is because I am sure that most of you have been living with so many myths driven by those daily soap operas and Bollywood movies. No doubt, we have always been amazed by those stars and Celestial bodies and astrology is the study of the movement of these celestial bodies having influence on our daily lives.

In country related matters , we make the chart by considering the time and date during our independence and matters related to stock market, the chart is created considering the establishment of BOMBAY STOCK EXCHANGE, 1875. Although, Taurus is the Lagna or ascendant for India during the time of independence but because the stock exchange was established before independence, the ascendant sign is the Capricorn.


The above natal chart is of India, and all the incomes, gain, fulfillment,  are checked by considering 2nd, 5th , 11th houses.

  1. For all investors- the 5th house is checked properly
  2. For daily investors- the 5th, 10th and 11th is analysed
  3. For more precise calculations- the 5th and 11th house is checked

And in all these above circumstances, one condition which remains constant is that their should be no bad impact/influence on 6th , 8th, and 12th house, if this happens then, surely these houses will have their influences on other planets as they are considered malefic houses( which means if any planet passes through these houses, it will have a negative impact and will cause suffering)

For example- if in any person’s chart, the mars is benefic planet, but if passes through 12th house, then it will surely cause suffering to that person.

Now, this was the case with several houses, now comes the planets which impact the stock market.

  1. JUPITER- for wisdom and knowledge
  2. MERCURY- for analyse and calculations
  3. MOON- for emotions and feelings

If asked that if only these planets have 100% impact on the stock market, then I would clearly say no, these planets affect at more wider level but if we were to go more narrow and precise, then comes Saturn, Rahu and Ketu.

Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are often considered the core of the sock market.

If Saturn is in positive state then it will surely provide slow and steady growth to that person but if it is in negative state, then will give totally opposite results. Now, considering the case of Rahu , which is considered a cheater and often plays in a very tricky way, unable a person to see the reality and when realized, has become too late. Ketu, is also a mysterious planet, often very good analyst fail to predict results during this time. One can do only one thing during this time, to hold on tight and just observe the market.

What are the bullish and bearish signs?

Bullish signs:- Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Saggitarius and Pisces are considered bullish signs. Whenever, a malefic or banefic planet passes through these signs, the market will observe buliish trends in the market

Bearish signs:- Gemini, Virgo, Aquarius and Capricorn are considered bearish. Whenever, a malefic or benefic planet passes through these signs, the market will observe bearish trends.

Namaste ! Find fastest way to follow The Market.

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