Celebrities or Stooges? The story of Indian Celebrities’ Failure to Empathize with the People of India.

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    Celebrities are people who are celebrated members of society. Their celebrity status is sustained by the very society they come from. Every member of a society has a role to play in the betterment of that society, be it the commoners or the celebrities. Indian celebrities have shown symptoms of blindness towards the misfortune of the Indian society for a few years. They not only ignore the terrible condition of the country they live in, but they also show off their fortune when millions of their fellow countrymen are suffering from misfortune and thousands of them are suffering the pangs of death every day. 

    Several Mumbai-based Bollywood celebrities decided to take a vacation in the Maldives while the city and the state of Maharashtra were facing hell. Now, they are taking a vacation can even be justified in many ways but they managed to show off their aesthetic pictures from exotic locations while uncountable members of the society which sustains them were suffering from the worst of times.

    Another Bollywood celeb Nawazuddin Siddiqi went on to bash the stars who did all of this. He said, “In logon ne Maldives ko tamasha bana rakhi hai. For the sake of humanity please keep these vacations to yourself.” Every sane human being will second whatever that came out of Nawazuddin’s mouth. 

    The hypocrisy of Indian celebs has reached a saturation point. Be it the Indian cricketers earning millions of dollars or the privileged Indian actors or any celebrated personality belonging to any other sport, most of them have displayed their ignorant attitude towards the Indian society time and again. Indian celebs protest for the Black Lives Matter movement while they endorse skin fairness products in the country. They protest for a foreign cause to showcase their hollow morals while they totally remain silent when any atrocity of a similar or of a worse degree takes place in the country which celebrates them. 

    All the big names, the likes of Tendulkar, Kohli, Akshay Kumar, Saina Nehwal, all the elites of their fields took to Twitter to copy-paste the same thing together, a few months ago. They displayed their puppet nationalism by defending the BJP Government’s tyrannical Farm Bills and united for the cause of India Against Propaganda when Greta Thurnberg and Rihanna criticized the atrocious bill. They literally supported a bill like any usual BJP sympathizer when most of the country and the farmers were protesting it. 

    It is totally evident that the celebrities of India have not only become a bunch of coward puppets of the state machinery but they also lack basic morals and they share no sense of empathy with the laymen of the country. Today, they are dead silent when the country is going through one of the worst times ever. This calamity obviously is man-made. The central government had a whole year to prepare for all of this but they did not and the results are in front of us. The government which claims to be the ultimate savior of the Indian motherland could not arrange for the most basic of things such as beds or oxygen in hospitals across the country. Their failure is in front of everyone’s eyes. The visuals of bodies burning on the side of roads and pyres being burnt en masse can send chills down any normal person’s spine but our celebrities have sold their souls and are silent on all of this when they become vocal for the smallest of things. 

    No lobby of celebrities can be as despicable as the one we have in India. All the mainstream celebrities have sold their spine and are nothing but immoral puppets of this majoritarian state. They tweet when an animal dies in Kerala or when the state wants them to unite for their own propaganda but they don’t have a single word for what is happening right now in the country. If you still follow them, support them or endorse their works or their sorry existence then you are one of them.

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