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Clix Capital partners with Wadhwani Foundation to support MSMEs


Mumbai, Jul 7 (PTI) Pramod Bhasin-founded Clix Capital has partnered with Wadhwani Foundation to provide assistance to medium, small and micro enterprises (MSMEs) to help them grow in the current crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Wadhwani Foundation is a global non-profit organisation that focuses on accelerating job creation in the country and other emerging economies through large-scale initiatives in entrepreneurship, small business growth, innovation, and skilling.

Under the Wadhwani Sahayata Business Stability programme, Clix Capital and Wadhwani Foundation will select 2,000 MSME partners and provide them one-on-one mentorship from experts and access to consultants and advisors for finding solutions to MSME’s key business challenges.

Under the programme, MSMEs will receive personalised, actionable content in the form of videos, readings, articles, playbooks and infographics curated by the Wadhwani Foundation, the release said.

“Through our partnership with the Wadhwani Foundation, we aim to create a support programme to plug the skill gap for our MSME partners with measurable outcomes,” Bhasin said.

Separately, asset finance company Magma Fincorp also announced the launch of pro-bono business consulting services for SME customers under a partnership with Wadhwani Foundation.

Under the programme, Magma will provide business consulting, digital learning management, programme management office support and impact assessment to up to 1,000 SME customers initially, to help them survive and grow, during and post COVID-19 crisis, a company release said.



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