‘Creating happy travelers’; Sabina Chopra


The Queen of Tourism, Sabina Chopra started her entrepreneurial journey back in 2006 when women entrepreneurs were very less and the concept of ‘entrepreneurship’ itself was very ancient to people. Her journey is not an ordinary one but her struggles are similar to what all startups face and on top of it, what all women entrepreneurs have to face. 

Sabina Chopra co-founded Yatra.com along with Dhruv Shringi and Manish Amin in 2006. Before starting Yatra.com, Sabina was working with ebookers, an online travel company in Europe where she headed all India based operations and built a strong network within the travel industry. After 24 years of work experience, she decided to start something which she could call her own and came up with Yatra.com, her brainchild. 

Sabina’s attitude of “never give up” has made her one of the most influential woman entrepreneurs. She strongly believes the execution of any plan is one of the major parts of success and with hard work success is bound to happen. 

A direction 

The motto on which the company was founded centered around “creating happy travelers”. From day one the foundation laid on 100% customer satisfaction and feedback. Sabina’s vision for the company was not only to make the entire process of traveling seamless and hassle-free but also to make it personalized which would be highly concentrated on customer needs and wants making customers come back to Yatra.com for every trip they plan. 

Never give up! 

No journey is free of hardships and neither was Sabina’s. The travel industry in India wasn’t aware of the opportunities the online world had to offer back in 2006 and this was one of the biggest challenges she had to overcome. Sabina was in-charge of the operations and supply management department. To get the work started, she had to convince the hotels to tie up with Yatra.com and sell rooms online. She visited each hotel individually and explained the pros and cons the online world offered.

It was very difficult to get hotels on board as the concept was foreign to people and many didn’t want to get out of the traditional setup. Some even rejected the idea before listening. But Sabina gave up at nothing and was very soon able to tie up with a few hotels. Another major challenge she faced was hiring people who will not only be efficient but also believe in the motto and vision of the company. She wanted to hire people with the right set of skills who would understand hospitality and its importance. Soon she was able to build a team and train them in the right direction making Yatra.com a happy place for travelers!

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