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    According to WHO, One in 4 teenagers are depressed and we still pretend that it’s not even happening. From the past 5 years, the suicide toll has been more than 40,000 in India. Around 17% of suicides in adolscents happen because of depression.

    Considering the times we are living in, my only question to you is “Why does it take a suicide for people to wake up?”

    To break the biggest myth, depression is not equivalent to just being sad or upset. Depression is a constant and persistent feeling of loneliness, emptiness, tired, of 2 weeks or more than that!

    The surprising thing is we all know one or two people around us who are depressed or anxious and we still choose to overlook it!Our generation(15-24) is most connected on social media platforms and  still reports highest in the feeling of social disconnection, emptiness, and loneliness.

    The main causes reported among youth are

    • Academic Pressure
    • Peer or Parents pressure
    • Early childhood trauma
    • Drug use
    • Feeling of being judged

    The symptoms of depression may include- sadness, changes in mood, losing pleasure in things you enjoy, loss of appetite, lack of energy throughout the day, negative thoughts about life, yourself, goals etc. The common thing which you will observe in all of them is they don’t have anybody to talk to or open up to. If you talk to them, you will observe that they don’t want to understand instead of want to be understood! Depression affects the prefrontal cortex of the brain which is responsible for planning, organizing, analyzing, and transmitting signals to other parts of the brain.

    The only solution is to visit a therapist who will conduct talk-therapy sessions because a wrong step can even make more wrong consequences.  Till then, look after your friends and family who might need you the most right now!

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