‘Do what makes you happy’; Rupa Neralla


Passion drives us to break barriers and stereotypes pushing us to make the impossible possible. 43 years old Rupa Neralla is a Kolkata based artist and a full-time teacher, who lives her life by the above phrase. Her story of being an entrepreneur is a reflection of her confidence and her love for art. 

While many do not think of putting themselves out thinking about the endless possibilities of how it could fail, Rupa dived right into it. From an early age, art has been one of those many things Rupa was passionate about and this hobby became her inspiration to set her own startup. 

She used to paint in her free time and posted her art on her social media handles. Her amazing art pieces didn’t go unnoticed, and she received buckets of appreciation from friends and family. This motivated her to start ‘Our Creations’ in October 2018, a platform for affordable and quirky home décor. Most of her designs are inspired by nature or have reflection of elements of nature in them. 

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                            Instagram: @our_creationss

It initially started with home décor, like hand-painted coasters, all kinds of wall décor, paintings and custom-made décor as well, 2 years down the line it has expanded to bookmarks, gift tags, DIY vases and festive décor. Her every piece of art is crafted with a lot of love and attention to detail with a reflection of vibrant colors with a traditional touch in all of them.  

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Instagram: @our_creationss

One of the major struggles Rupa faced was to create a balance between her job and her startup. Managing time, replying to queries, delivering pieces on time, and all other aspects are managed by her alone. Even though this makes her schedule hectic, her love for art gives her immense happiness and helps her to keep moving forward. Currently, her startup markets through Instagram and Facebook catering to her customers in Kolkata helping them beautify their spaces. 

Her journey gives out an important message to all those people who aspire to make it big someday, that it is important to believe in yourself to reach places in life and it is equally important to find joy and peace in what you love doing!


  1. Urvashi, thanks for writing this wonderful piece about my aunt, Rupa 🙂

    Your article has a perfect story line – fusion of art and entrepreneurship of a former teacher who has taken a plunge to ‘do what makes her happy’ :).

    My aunt is a keen observant, has always seen the world differently. She notices things that are often overlooked by others. This quality of hers proves the old adage “artists are born, not made” .

    Her art is based on original ideas, presented vividly via every possible media like paintings, vases, festive decor and many more. Over the years, she has perfected her art with dedication & fortitude and has dared to take an entrepreneurial plunge which is an inspiration to people of all age groups.

    Wishing her the very best in this new adventure.

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