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Dr Reddy’s & HUL: Only stocks near a 52 wks high in NIFTY

Dr Reddy, India's second largest pharmaceutical company is trading 3.82% up at 3,213.25.

In the 2020 Bear market most of the stocks are beaten down. Nifty and Sensex are trading 30 percent down from its peak.But Dr Reddy’s laboratories and HUL are still trading close to their 52 weeks high.

Dr Reddy’s laboratories , India’s second largest pharmaceutical company by market cap, is trading  3.82% up at 3,213.25. At current price it has a market cap of 53,39,1.94 crores. It is trading near its 52 weeks high of 3,364.95.

Another company which is close to its 52 weeks high is FMCG giant, Hindustan Unilever Limited(HUL) : India’s largest FMCG company is trading at 2,170.60. It means it is trading 5-7 % down below its 52 weeks high of 2,324.90.

HUL : India’s largest FMCG company

Pharmaceutical and FMCG companies are considered as defensive bets and are investors’ favourites in the Bear market.


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