E-learning: A ray of hope during the lockdown

Online learning solutions have been around us for quite some time but it had cone to the prime spot now after the coronavirus pandemic has forced lockdown.
Online learning solutions

Online learning solutions have been around us for quite some time but it had cone to the prime spot now after the coronavirus pandemic has forced us to remain inside our homes so as to prevent the spread of the deadly virus and to fight the invisible enemy- COVID-19. With schools and colleges shut down due to lockdown being imposed by the government authorities, learning has now been shifted to the virtual model. Thanks to the advancement in technology, classes are now conducted through the online mode with the help of various software and applications. The Edutech Start-ups were the ones that benefited the most from the pandemic with some of them reporting that their revenue has doubled during the lockdown. We don’t know how long we will be in a fight with the virus and what the new normal would be in the post COVID era. Well, one thing is certain that the E-learning industry would grow exponentially with many of us getting to know about it and it’s advantages.

The main advantage of online learning is the interaction that is possible between students and the teacher which would help students clear their doubts instantly and there is no travel required as we will be able to attend classes at home itself which solves transportation problems. We, human beings love to socialise with others and it is important for us to communicate with others, and live online learning sessions provide this opportunity and help us to communicate which would also lead to a better understanding of the concepts taught and would help the students. The other advantage of a live online learning session is that questions and doubts can be asked in real-time virtually to the teacher and cleared at the same time and this would lead to a better understanding of the concepts for the students and provide good results. This is beneficial as each student attending the classes has got different learning styles and techniques and the teacher will be able to provide explanations and clarifications in different ways to the students which will help them to grasp the concepts. 

While online learning has got some advantages, there are some disadvantages as well. The first disadvantage is the lack of commutation skills development. Students communicate with their peers in the face to face classes which is not possible in online learning sessions which might affect the development of communication skills in an individual. The other drawback is that it is inaccessible to computer illiterate population. Subjects or courses which require practical training cannot be imparted through the online learning mode. Another disadvantage is that cheating prevention during assessments and tests is complicated in online learning sessions.

The E-learning industry is set to boom in the future and there has been a change in the people’s take on it. Many Edutech Start-ups are coming up with innovative ideas and solutions which would make it interesting and would ensure the same level of experience as the face to face classes. The coronavirus pandemic has proved to be an opportunity for these Edutech firms which they will certainly use it to their advantage and would give more value to the learners.

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