Euro Cup match halted midway due to Christian Eriksen’s cardiac arrest.

Credit: Facebook ChristianEriksenOfficial

The European Cup 2020 began this Friday after it was delayed a year due to the pandemic which jolted the globe. On Saturday was a Group B match between Denmark and Finland being held in Copenhagen. Everything was going smooth until the most bizzare and uncertain thing happened on the field just a minute before half-time. Christian Eriksen, a Danish attacking midfielder collapsed on the field right near the corner post. There was a hush among the crowd and the player at first didn’t know what has happened, it took a few seconds for the referee to react and call the medical team quickly. The match was suspended midway only to begin a few hours later.

Christian Eriksen “was gone” before being resuscitated with a defibrillator at the European Championship, Denmark’s team doctor said. His heart had stopped and was given treatment right on the field because the matter was too sensitive for him to be taken somewhere. While he was being treated, the Danish team captain Simon Kjaer asked the players to form a circle around the fallen team-mate so that the media do not capture him while he was unconscious and was being treated. The Denmark captain is being hailed as a hero following his brave, compassionate, and alert response in Copenhagen on Saturday evening.  Even before the medics got there, Kjaer was present next to Eriksen and was the first one to begin potential life-saving actions.

Pictures of Eriksen leaving the field in a semi-conscious state after the immediate treatment gave hope to fans all around the world that he’s gonna be okay. Social media was flooded with football stars and people putting up messages praying for Eriksen to get better soon. As mentioned earlier, Eriksen had suffered a cardiac arrest and his heart had stopped, if he wasn’t given immediate treatment by Simon and the medical staff, he might have gone forever. This also highlighted the importance of medical staffs and all the people who work in the background and often save lives. Also, how important it is for anyone to learn basic life-saving skills such as the CPR because we never what might happen when.

The latest reports suggest that Eriksen is out of any danger and is recovering. The picture of him waving from the hospital window which was posted on his Facebook handle today went viral as it assured people that he is okay and would soon be better. The match which was suspended was resumed later and Finland won it 1-0. Eriksen was declared Man of the Match by the fans. 

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