European Super League: An Unfulfilled Dream of the Elite European Clubs.

Photo by Jannik Skorna on Unsplash

Just when Football Club Barcelona had won a trophy after almost 3 seasons and football fans all over the world were rejoicing, several elite clubs of Europe’s Primary Division Football Leagues announced that they are forming a new League to overcome the financial stagnancy they have had to go through during the era of no football and then no live audience due to Covid-19.

In total 12 football clubs from 3 leagues, Barclays Premier League (Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham, Manchester United, and Manchester City), La Liga (FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Atletico Madrid), and Serie A (Juventus, AC Milan, and Inter), became the founding members of the European Super League as an aim to create an alternative for the UEFA Champion’s League. Florentino Perez who is the president of Real Madrid and also the founding chairman of the Super League accused FIFA and UEFA of keeping all the revenue to themselves.

All the 12 clubs who initiated the formation of this league are in huge debt with many of them including Barca and Madrid’s debt exceeding that a Billion Euros due to the pandemic.

When the formal announcement of the league came about on the 18th of April, all the leagues whose teams were involved quickly condemned the act including UEFA and FIFA themselves. UEFA gave out a statement that the teams involved in the Super League would be disqualified from the UEFA Champion’s League and the players involved may even not be allowed to play in the FIFA World Cup for their national teams. Besides the organizations, several managers including those of the teams who were the members of the League expressed their anger or sadness over the act. Tottenham had to fire their manager Jose Mourinho who refused to take the team to train as a formal protest to the new League.

Football fans all over the world expressed their anger on social media while the European fans took to the gates of the stadiums and headquarters of the clubs involved to protest the formation of a league which they believed would be the end of the sport they truly love.

The latest reports indicate that almost all the founding clubs except Real Madrid and Barcelona have withdrawn themselves from the Super League after facing backlash from UEFA, FIFA, football pundits and most importantly the fans.

Amid all the controversy and speculation, the chairman of the League Florentino Perez is holding firm onto his stance and is singing the song of revenue and finance. He was heard saying that football needs to evolve in order to have a better viewership. He further added that 40% of the young people are not interested in football because there are too many games of low quality and bigger clubs will have to adapt in order to attract the younger audience to watch and enjoy the game. This is how the clubs will be able to make more money and overcome the massive debts they have accumulated.

This stance of Perez managed to sway several people across the globe who had to admit that UEFA or FIFA are no sages and they too focus solely on the revenue keeping a huge chunk for themselves. However, the Super League’s future seems bleak at best as almost all the clubs have withdrawn from it. Fans have already started celebrating the fact that football has been saved due to the Super League’s demise. But with no official statement to dissolve the League from Chairman Perez’s mouth, some more drama may still unfold in the coming few

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