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2020 was quiet a different year for the fashion industry. Even the pandemic hit the world, trends were not out of the box at all. Lots of trends were seen by the end of 2020. These days, trends are all about comfort and style at the same time. The most common fashion trait is to look chic yet effortless. Likewise every year, 2021 is also full of such trends. Some of these trends are a continuation of 2020 trends while some are new. The trends of 2020 are going to be more relevant in 2021. Designers take a lot of inspiration and influence from social media to know about the present taste in style. They do look into the style followed by the youths, celebrities, and everyone in general. As time passes, we will get to see more bold and fashionable trends coming up.

Here are some of the fashion trends to look for in the year 2021:

1. Puff Sleeve/ Balloon Sleeve

Puff sleeve is an extremely eye-catching and appealing fashion item. The sleeves of a dress or a top are puffed up to the max to give it a voluminous and OTT effortlessly. These days you can even get these puff sleeves separately in various online stores.

2. Pastel Colours

Pastel color is one of the most loved trends of this year. Pastels go with every color and hues and give a very cute look. These are perfect for the summer and spring seasons. These give a very sweet and gentle vibe.

3. A Trench Coat

The most basic yet the classiest piece is a trench coat. A good trench coat can be worn daily but if you want to elevate it one step then go for a trench coat with either dramatic lapels or drop waists or interesting slits or bold sleeves. Yes, you heard me right. It’s 2021 and you can wear a trench coat was a statement piece too.

4. Oversized Fits

2020 has been all about oversized fits. Starting from attending zoom calls in PJs or going out to buy the essentials, we opted for the most comfortable and relaxing fits. And what’s better than an oversized shirt or an oversized tee. The best part is that no one is going to know that the shirt or the tee is yours or your fathers’s.

5. Colors and Floral Prints

Summer and spring is absolutely the best time for wearing all your colorful and floral print outfits. The brighter, the merrier. Neon colors are super trendy these days mainly neon crop tops.

6. Chains With Bold Pendants



Enough about outfits! Add a tad bit of accessories to your wardrobe to glam it up even more. Thick chains with bold pendants are trending since the last year and they are here to stay. Instagram and Pinterest are filled with such cute yet classy pictures of these neckpieces. These are some of the most basic trendiest options that you can use to build up your perfect wardrobe for 2021.

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