Go vocal for local; here’s a list of reasons to support local businesses

Go vocal for local; here’s a list of reasons to support local businesses

We at OoWER have always talked about supporting local, independent businesses and try to provide them a platform to reach more people and let the world know about their inspiring stories. A lot of hard work goes into these small, independent businesses and we as a startup ourselves realize the struggles they face to reach the right audience and get recognition for their hard work. That is why we make sure to find, track and bring the world stories of innovative startups and the reason behind each of their existence; their respective entrepreneurs. 

Here is a list of reasons why you should too preach and support local businesses. 

1. They are unique

All local businesses have a unique thought behind the product or service they are offering. You as a client will find their product or service more relatable as these businesses make sure they bring originality to the table with a twist. Some local businesses offer hand-crafted and products that includes everything from furniture to personalized gifts and each item is made with love catering to the client’s needs with unique designs and so many options to choose from. 

2. To show you care 

Every big brand was once a small business and the support and love of people helped them reach where they are today. This is another reason to give small businesses a chance to help them grow. When you reach out to local businesses you empower them, you show them you care and this is all they need, your support. Your friend or neighbor has started a new venture? Help them by promoting their page or sharing it with someone who you think can be a part of it. A small word-of-mouth goes a long way. 

3. You can be means to someone’s livelihood 

A business doesn’t stand on its own. Along with the entrepreneur, the main pillars of a business, its employees. When you reach out to a small business instead of your regular store, it shows that you are supporting their idea and cause. Not only are you helping them earn and grow, you are also helping the people associated with this idea and cause to earn their livelihood. 

4. You are contributing to the economy 

When you support local businesses you are helping them grow and expand which eventually leads to more employment opportunities. This gives people to be a part of working together and growing, which constantly keeps money rolling.

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