Handcrafted with love; Merakii

Neharika Sabharwal

“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.” This quote stands true to Neharika Sabharwal’s entrepreneurial journey who co-founded Merakii in April 2019. A year down the lane she recalls her journey as an integral part of Merakii, putting across the innovations of her creative mind. 

The stereotypical view of working in a 9 to 5 shift and being in a safe place with a fixed salary prevents many from going out there to follow their passion. Neharika gave up on her well-paying settled job to follow her passion and her decision to do so was initially questioned by many. While she was torn between right and wrong, her family and close friends were her biggest support that pushed her towards following her passion. 

Like every startup, Merakii went through a lot of ups and downs. This lockdown had harsh effects on sales and the entire functioning hit a rock bottom. Everything became stagnant and the marketing wasn’t picking which resulted in the loss of spirit. The entire team was hooked on to the hope of things getting better and eventually, things did start to iron out. This period of immense hardship didn’t break Neharika’s spirit for the sole reason of her belief in what she creates. 

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Instagram: @merakii_gifts
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Instagram: @merakii_gifts

Neharika’s vision for the company is to deliver creativity with a magical touch as the name of her startup suggests.

She handcrafts all her products with a lot of love and perfection trying to bring something different to the table each time. Before getting onto the entire making process, she tries to get all the details right and makes sure that each gift has a personal connection to it. 

Her startup is currently catering to customers in Mumbai, and she wishes to expand her services across India and abroad as well. Even though many people were skeptical of her decision to quit her job, now they are her whole and sole support system encouraging her to do better each day. Neharika’s sister has been her biggest support and strength helping her to make Merakii better and bigger. Today when she looks back and thinks about her journey, she realizes how important it is to have faith in what you believe in and keep moving in that direction. 

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