Hazel Tony’s little world of quilling

Hazel Tony’s little world of quilling

Hazel Tony founded “Hazld” in 2017 and her beautifully quilled art pieces are to die for. While quilling is considered an art form that most of us have enjoyed in our childhood or in our leisure time, this entrepreneur turned into a full-scale business delivering pieces of handmade love and perfection. 

In an exclusive interview with OoWER, Hazel has talked out how this unspoken art form that she encountered one random day is now a big part of her life. 

Oower:  This question is solely for my viewers who may or may not know about this. So, tell us about this particular art form and why did you think it was the right fit for you. 

Hazel: This art form is called Quilling – which involves using strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs. I find new inventive ways of rolling, looping, curling and twisting to form images that I would like to create. Personally, I decorate greetings cards, make wall frames, portraits, customized gifts for birthdays, wedding, anniversaries and much more.

Coming to your next question, when I took this art form professionally, quilling was popularly known for paper jewellery making but I found it very interesting when these strips were rolled and shaped to make beautiful artworks. I love how this art form have zillion methods in which it can be used it on to the artworks and how pleasingly all the paper strips form together to create an amazing art piece.

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Instagram: @hazld_quills

Oower:  Hazel, quilling is something that most of us have tried as kids but not many can think of turning it into a full scale business. Tell us what exactly inspired you for this 

Hazel: I was introduced to the world of quilling in a strange and unexpected way. I started quilling long back in 2013 when I came across the paper strips when I went to an art store to buy craft materials to make a card for my friend’s birthday. I noticed a huge crowd near these colored paper strips. After exploring the craft online, I was mesmerized and immensely curious to see if I could also create such beautiful work. After another visit to the shop, I came out with various colored quilling papers. The first-ever piece I made was a heart shape design on the birthday card for that same friend. That’s how it started.

I took this up professionally when I moved to Bangalore for my job and my friends saw the pictures of quilled cards and frames. They motivated me to make more of this and started making wall frames and a colleague wanted to buy a custom wall art. That’s when Hazld (@hazld_quills) came into existence. The turning point was when I attended flea markets in Kochi, Kerala and realised that there is a potential in these quilled artworks.

Oower:   To the people reading this right now, one piece of advice you did like to give them. 
Hazel: Like the saying, Practice makes it perfect. Keep practicing the quilling techniques and you will see the difference very soon in your style. Consistency is the key for any art form along with a little bit of patience anyone can master this art form.

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