Historical intraday recovery : Indices closed the day on rise.

Historical intraday recovery
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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Nifty and Sensex witnessed sky rocketed, historical intraday  recovery of more than 10 percent from days low following the sharp fall in early morning trade. In early hours of trading , both Nifty and Sensex saw continued momentum from yesterday’s steep fall.

Nifty opened the day at 9107.6, registered days low at 8555.15 following restart of trading. Trading was halted for 45 min following steep fall of more than 10%. These level witnessed in early 2017.

It showed smart recovery to reach intraday high of 10159.40 . Finally it closed the day at 9,955.20;  1400.05 points higher than day’s low.

Sensex also witnessed historical intraday recovery from days low of 29388.97 to close at 34,103.48 (+1,325.34 or 4.04%). 


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