How cricket and stock market are similar?

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“Stock market is like as cricket and road driving once you get a gap or space , you move faster or else slowly slowly”- Shobhit soni

“Stock market is like as cricket and road driving once you get a gap or space , you move faster or else slowly slowly”- Shobhit soni
Shobhit soni

No doubt, the game of cricket has taken over the hearts of Indians in a way no other game could. We have always read in our books that hockey is our national game but it has never seemed so. It would be no wrong to say that we are all divided by religions but united by cricket.


1. Requires patience

As they say Patience is the virtuewhether it is on pitch or while trading. These decisions require an extreme level of patience and calm. You must have observed MS Dhoni and how he deals every situation with so much patience and calmness which indeed is a lesson for all traders and investors. Some investors even when they lose their calm take impulsive decisions only to regret after that market has bounced back to normal.

2. Listen to experts

Like a captain leads and advises the whole team in cricket, this happens with the stock market also. You might be having lots of experience in this field, but listening to experts will only add to your knowledge.Also, that really doesn’t mean to follow them blindly and beware of rumors and non-trusted websites.

3. Result is resultant of many factors

Rohit Sharma might have scored a century but the winning or losing will also depend on other players’ performance. Same happens in the stock market, you might be having wisdom or experience, and the market might respond exactly the opposite of what you may have thought.

4. Stars play huge role

Many of you may totally reject this idea, for this you can even visit my previous articles. Even Shikhar dhawan and rohit sharma have been bowled out after a very small start. Also, it must have happened to you too when you bought shares of a really great company but it never turns out the way you planned.

In a situation like this, what you have to do is not to lose your calm, observe the market, analyse your decisions and then step ahead.


It is evident that during major sport events , the stock market has responded in the same direction. Still don’t believe this? Let’s have a look!

India won T20 world cup in 2007Nifty went up by 1800 points
China hosted successful olympics    in 2008    Nifty fell by 2600 points
When india won world cup in     2011Nifty went up by 500 points
Major sport events and Stock market

So, be ready to pull your socks when a sporting event hits our country!

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