How To Layer Clothes?

How To Layer Clothes
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Layering sometimes may seem to be a bit fussy or you may think that it can make you look bulky. But let me tell you that once you get to know the proper ways of layering, trust me you are going to feel extremely comfortable and you will not look bulky at all. You can layer your clothes according to the weather and it works the best in the winter season. Through layering, you can wear absolutely anything and style it with a few more pieces for new looks every day.

What do you mean by layering?

Layering is the styling method in which 3 or more pieces are styled together for an overall new look. It is an art because you are constantly playing with colors, textures, fabrics, and different outfits for that perfect look.

Pro Tip- Always wear the light clothes first and then start layering the heavy pieces. It helps you in situations when you feel warm and you can easily remove the heavy piece of clothing for comfort.

Tricks To Layer Clothes


Stick to basic colors like black, white, or maybe some neutral colors that match with most of the colors of your wardrobe. Avoid wearing lots of bright colors and prints. Limit it to a maximum of one bright or print outfit especially in the winter season.

One Oversized Outfit- Wear one oversized piece of clothing as it gives the whole outfit a complete look. The oversized one can be a vest, a hoodie, a coat, or a sweater. This looks best in the winter season. You can wear the oversized piece as an inner layer or the outermost layer.

Correct Fabrics- Combination between the correct fibers is very important. All kinds of fibers do not look good together. Choose the correct fibers like denim, cotton, leather or denim, cotton, velvet or denim, cotton, wool. Do not overboard with more than 3 kinds of fabrics.

It does not take much effort to do layering in winters but you need to work a bit to the perfect layered look for summers. You cannot wear 2-3 outfits in the summer season so it will need a bit of mastery for the overall look.

How to layer in summers-

White Shirt- Everyone owns a staple white shirt, the most basic piece in your wardrobe. Pair it up with your jumpsuit, maxi dress, or any slip dress for a perfect layered outfit. 

Mesh Top- Mesh tops are trending a lot these days. Wear a bralette or a cute little crop top over that mesh top. It surely gives an effortless and chic look.

You can also experiment with bright colors and prints in summer. Wear a colorful or a print summer jacket or a shrug over a tank top and pair it up with palazzos or shorts.

As I already mentioned that layering is an art and it takes a bit of mastery to do it perfectly. Style yourself everyday and create some cool layered outfit options. Some styling, a bit of patience, and a lot of confidence will make you a master in layering too.  

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