India-China dispute: All you need to know


    A violent face-off between the two Asian countries over their disputed border in the Galwan Valley claimed the lives of 20 Indian soldiers. It is also being said that the number is expected to rise. There were also reports of Chinese causalities in the face-off but the number is still unknown. There has been no such causality in the valley since 1975 and this was the first after 45 long years.

    On Monday, the situation escalated and both sides fought with bare hands, iron rods and stones as weapons. Both sides do not carry any weapons in the area to avoid intense conflicts but the situation in recent weeks has been rough and far more intense.

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    What resulted in the face-off?

    Tensions between the two have been brewing since May. The two countries have been fighting over this particular area for decades, a shared border of 3,500 kilometers. Each side wants to claim the disputed area and have heavily militarized the area in an effort to do so.

    The Line of Actual Control (LAC) is poorly separated and the troops come face-to-face at many points. The largely inhabited region is important to both sides, economically and militarily.

    Beijing has accused India of crossing the border twice and provoking the Chinese personnel. On the other hand, Indian troops accused Chinese troops of trying to change the status quo by crossing the boundary projecting tents and ignoring verbal signs to leave after which India also moved troops to the area.

    The reason for the face-off is believed to be a new built by India in Ladakh. This new road has been built along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) dividing the two sides. China was upset with this and deployed troops in the disputed region to built its own infrastructure. 

    A major threat 

    If the tensions aren’t resolved soon, the conflict can become intense. The two Asian countries are not only the most populous but both have nuclear power. The recent violent face-off makes the situation even more complicated and now each step is taken to resolve the conflict counts.

    Army officials from both sides have been involved in order to resolve the tensions in the region. It is a serious conflict and failure to establish peace can expose the world to unwanted risks. 

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