Indian Startups that changed the picture with groundbreaking ideas

    Indian Startups that changed the picture with groundbreaking ideas
    • MyGate 

    MyGate is an app-based security and management startup made for gated communities. This app gives access to the residents to control the entry of visitors, keep a tap on the attendance of their domestic help and their salary payments, helps in discussing and sharing various important notices with other residents, and also help residents find domestic help for different chores. It keeps all the data entered by every resident personally. This Bangalore based startup has made it convenient and easy for gated communities to manage and monitor the security of its residents. It is now a commonly used app in 9000 gated communities. 

    Launching  year: 2016 

    Key people: Vijay Arisetty (Co-founder, CEO), Abhishek Kumar (Co-founder, COO), Shreyans Daga (Co-founder, CTO)

    • Yulu

    Yulu is a Bangalore based startup that solves the problem of traffic congestion and air pollution. The idea behind it was to make vehicles that were environment friendly so the company came up with battery-powered bicycles. The bicycle has a set of additional features like Bluetooth, GPS, sim card and the person renting the bicycle can only unlock it by scanning the QR code from his smartphone and charges the user per 30 minutes of use. It is efficient, affordable, and highly convenient for covering short distances. 

    Launching  year: 2017

                  Key people: Amit Gupta (Co-founder, CEO)

    • Bulbul 

    Bulbul is India’s first video shopping app with the vision to make online shopping trustworthy and comfortable through live-streaming the products and services by hosts and sellers. The sellers go live, describe the features of their products and services in detail and sell it to the audience watching the video. While online shopping can be assumed tricky by some people, this app makes it possible for people to trust shopping online and make informed buying decisions. 

    Launching  year: 2018

                   Key people: Sachin Bhatia and Atit Jain. 

    • Practo 

    The aim of this startup was clear since day one- digitalize the healthcare sector. The time at which this startup was brought to reality digitalization wasn’t much in the picture but the founders saw the potential it had in the near future. It made the booking and visiting a doctor easy and convenient. The patients can opt for a home consultation or clinic consultation as per their requirements, upload their medical history and have a backup of all their consultation history, all stored in one place that too digitally skipping the part where one has to do the same manually. The app now receives 2 crore patients and has more than 2 lakh doctors working for them. 

    Launching year: 2008 

    Key people: Shashank ND (Co-founder, CEO), Abhinav Lal (Co-founder, CTO)

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