Is Fashion a recurring wheel?

Is Fashion a recurring wheel?
Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

Let’s find out!
What is fashion? Well, some say it is an aesthetic expression of one’s identity and some say fashion is anything that is in vogue and some simply say that fashion is ever revolving.

Fashion is ever-evolving and one can easily see examples of that in today’s times. It is surely safe to say that fashion just like history repeats itself. If you take a close look at what is trendy or what is in vogue in today’s fashion world you will come across one thing. Styles are repeating themselves. In the current scenario, we can see a number of items from the previous era are making a comeback and how! Bucket hats, shoulder bags, tiny glasses, chokers, scrunchies and so much more

The main question here is why? Why does fashion repeat itself and why is it revolving? The answer to that is very simple and it is completely okay if you could not guess it. Like every other thing fashion also changes however it keeps finding ways to repeat itself. Most of the trending styles that we see today are a repetition of what people used to wear in the ’90s. Smoked tops, scrunchies, mom jeans, and many other items have made their way into our closet.

It is mainly because of the fashion designers who decide to bring up the old trends. Designers say that since the styles have done well previously they have the potential to do well in today’s time as well. Combining these old styles with the modern elements of today further helps the cause. We should definitely keep in mind social media and social media influencers. Both social media and social media influencers play a huge part in deciding our fashion choices and even act as a catalyst to a certain extent. Many of us have dedicated many Pinterest boards to specific looks, such as wedding looks, casual looks, and so on. We look up to social media and social media influencers for inspiration. Social media influencers look up to celebrities and actors for inspiration and all the celebs are styled on most occasions and wear designer clothes. It is like a cycle.

Some of us love the old vintage styles that have come back and accepted them with open arms while some of us on the other hand has stuck to the contemporary style of clothing.  However, Fashion lovers will always be in Vogue!

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