Know from the expert: Common mistakes you make while you are on a diet

Common mistakes you make while you are on a diet
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In a conversation with OoWER, Dietician & Nutritionist, and Diabetes Educator Jayasree Banik highlights an issue that most of us do unknowingly. We have either done these mistakes or are doing it right now while on a diet. She has focused on all the mistakes you need to avoid while you are on a diet. Read on to know more!

1. Elimination of a particular food group completely

In order to achieve our target to reach a specific number on the weight machine, we may sometimes eliminate certain food groups like carbohydrates and fats completely. Our body has a set of roles to fulfill and each food group should be consumed in balance for the normal functioning of our body. Complete elimination can give short-term results but long-term health problems. 

2. Not taking your personal diet plan seriously  

There may be a lot of information available online about all kinds of diets, tips, and tricks, but not every piece of information is fit for your body. It is important that you stick to the plan tailor-made by your dietician which also takes into consideration your overall medical history, likes and dislikes, and allergies if any. 

3. Skipping meals

Some may consider skipping meals as an easy option to cut down on their calorie intake. However easy this option is, it does not a favorable outcome. Starving and keeping yourself away from food that your body desperately requires can tamper with its overall functioning and slow your metabolism. Try to have small healthy snacks every 2-3 hours for favorable results. 

4. Not eating on time 

Being impunctual with your meal timings can affect your over-all well being. Establishing a disciplined routine for your meals is advisable and sticking to a specific time frame will help you to achieve your target faster. 

5. Overeating 

Eating in portions that fill your stomach is advisable. Do not overstuff yourself with food as it becomes difficult for your stomach to break down the food and digest it. Overeating can lead to the accumulation of fat in your body. 

6. Not drinking enough water 

Drinking at least eight glasses of water or more is important for the body to stay hydrated and healthy. Not drinking enough water can lead to a lot of health problems in the long run. 

7. Consumption of junk food 

One of the most common mistakes we make is to consume junk food and then workout in excess to be on track in our fitness journey. Eating right and giving a boost to your body by consuming essential nutrients is important even if you are not on a diet so that the body is able to wear, tear, and heal.

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