Lessons learned during the lockdown

Well, it’s the time when the COVID curve was expected to be flatter rather than a steep one. With the increasing cases every day,
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Well, for most of us this period of lockdown has been full of ups and down where some of us have lost jobs, battled with anxiety and others have become more close to their families than ever!

So, let’s look into the positive side and what we or could have learned during this period!

1. Remember when our elders used to say “Nothing is permanent” and seems like lockdown has proved this right! Whether it’s your job, wealth, or anything can be snatched away from you in a snap of seconds!

2. Remember the time before lockdown when we used to go out and party with our friends every weekend? Well, seems like spending a huge amount of money wasn’t even necessary! Believe me, we all can survive with very minimal and basic utilities and still make great memories to cherish!

3. Now, it seems like we have never enjoyed or cherished little things in life whether it was gardening or playing with your pet, and all of this is a regret now by thinking “I wish I had enjoyed more while doing this”

4. All this time we used to think to grab opportunities you will have to step out of the house! Well, this lockdown has proved us wrong in that way! We still can work from home and learn new skills just by sitting in one place in our home!

5. After this turmoil phase, it is expected that the technology might take a big turn and come up with bigger twists for all of us!

6. In a recent report, Facebook will turn 50% of its workforce into remote work, so, tighten your seat belts to observe the craziest changes in work ethics!

7. If you compare your before lockdown expenses today, you will observe drastic changes and yes, it’s possible to spend less and enjoy the same lifestyle!

8. The biggest lesson which I have learned is, it’s always good to backup yourself with savings, you might not know what future has in it for you!

Above all, LIVE IN PRESENT AND ENJOY WHEREVER YOU ARE and we will make through this!

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