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Making lives sweeter; Priyanka Nahata


“Dreams and passion are more powerful than facts and reality”. This quote sums up the journey of Kolkata based home-baker Priyanka Nahata who started ‘The Baking Girl’ in May 2017 at the age of 21. Priyanka’s passion and love for baking has been constant and this is what inspired her to embark on this journey. Her decision to be a baker came soon after she had given her entrances and was all set to pursue MBA, that exact moment changed her life forever. 

Priyanka’s brain-child, ‘The Baking Girl’ is crafted with a lot of love, and she strikes to deliver nothing but perfection. One of the major reasons of her success is her vision and motto for her startup. Priyanka’s prime focus is 100% customer satisfaction and feedback, and never compromising on quality irrespective of the expansion. She gives each order equal attention and makes sure everything is perfect and delivered right. 

Initial hiccups 

Not coming from a culinary background, Priyanka’s decision to quit the idea of MBA and to pursue her dream of being a baker was questioned by people around her. It was a big turn as she was going to set her foot in a new career path where everything was new to her. Even though that was a big career switch, Priyanka’s passion drove her to take that risk in order to explore and make her dream a living reality. 

Struggles as a home-baker 

Priyanka’s journey as a baker wasn’t a cakewalk. As she did not come from a culinary background, she knew too little about the industry, it’s functioning, where to find suppliers and who to ask for help if a recipe fails. For a long time, Priyanka struggled her way to find a place in the industry and know how it works. Since she was all alone in this journey, Priyanka was managing every part of her startup, from baking, managing clients, taking care of the financial aspect, to managing inventory till the time there was growth, and she decided to expand her team. 

One of the major challenges was to crack the recipes. If one recipe failed she kept on trying other methods until she finally got the perfect and final recipe. She takes pride in the fact that all her recipes were cracked by the trial and error method. All desserts made under her brand are egg-free and even though it’s more of a restriction, it is what she specializes in. 

Instagram: @thebaking_girl

Her journey as an entrepreneur surely took many surprising turns but that made her who she is now, an amazing baker. Her inspiring story gives out a message to all those aspiring home-bakers to be unique and play around with their idea. It is very important to go at your own pace and keep failing in order to learn and grow. One of the biggest lessons she learned from her journey and wants to put across is to trust your instincts and if put in all the hard work into something you believe in, it will surely take you to wonderful places in life. 


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