Market may observe sell off in early May, Astrology predicts

Global markets saw an awesome rally in the month of April.But astrological observations are suggesting market sell off in the month of May.
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Global markets saw an awesome rally in the month of April; even though the world is facing a crisis of life for most people in the form of corona pandemic.But is rally going to sustain? May be or may not. For the rally to sustain the global economy needs to show encouraging signs, which is unlikely in the current scenario. Also astrological observations are suggesting market sell off in the month of May.

“Astrology is just a finger pointing at reality”- Steven Forrest

Hopefully, if you have come here then believe it or not, you believe in astrology in some way or the other. So, ask yourself one question, whether it was the time of your birth or marriage, you must have paid a lot of attention to your birth timings and date! Forget about the Indian charts, have you ever thought why do westerners consider 13 as an unlucky number, well, there are reasons for that.

So, if astrology has been part of the most important phases of your life, then, why not share markets and trading?

As predicted, Mars is going enter the sign of Aquarius during early may, which might result in negative suffering if not paid much attention!

First of all, if we want to understand both the aspects together, we will have to start with understanding them as individual.

What is the significance of sign Aquarius?

Aquarius is considered an airy sign, and the ruling lord of Aquarius is Saturn. Saturn is considered for duty and responsibilities and even going beyond the society norms if required. In natal chart, the Aquarius sign is the 2nd house signifying income, gains and savings. As discussed earlier, if Saturn is in a negative state then it will lead to negative suffering that too for a prolonged time .

People with this sign are generally found as industrialists, agriculturists, labour unions, cement and construction industry,Philosophical thinkers, religious teachers, writers and authors, preachers and often professors.

Also, sometimes it is observed that people with this sign may not get desired results as to the hardwork they have put in further leading to frustration.

The impact of this sign is beneficial if it forms good connection with both the sun and mars and the influence on 2nd , 10th and 5th house from the ascendant or Lagna sign.

What is significance of planet mars?

Mars is also compared with the sign of fire. Generally, it’s nature is cruel,volatile, destructive and volatile. Mars signifies courage, physical strength , energy, strength, enemy, army, accidents, aggression, arguments, quarrels, weapons and explosives . People with good placement of mars in their birth chart are generally found in military, police, surgeons, dentist and executive posts. If in a positive state, then mars gives very beneficiary results to the person. If in a negative state, then mars will lead to impulsive decision making, creating rivalries and then leading into huge losses to individuals and companies.

The impact of mars is observed on 4th , 7th , 8th aspect, if in a good position then will fetch positive results and if in bad placement , then will affect all these houses adversely.

What will happen on their combination?

During early may, the planet Mars will enter into Aquarius sign, which will lead to sell off in the market, means at a comparative lower prices, just to dispose off the shares, this is because mars is a volatile sign, leading to impulsive and sometimes overconfident decisions which may even prove to be false later on leading to financial losses.

Now, what you have to do during this situation? Just observe the market, do your own calculations and don’t rely on unreliable rumors. Also, avoid taking some impulsive decisions leading to your loss only in future.

On personal level, if in your birth chart , the mars or Saturn is in bad placement, then avoid being in disputes and try to maintain good relations with everyone.

How the major stock market in the world is performing today? Is astrological predictions are meaningful.Lets have a look.

Global markets saw an awesome rally in the month of April.But astrological observations are suggesting market sell off in the month of May.

All major financial markets including BSE, National Stock Exchange, currency and debt markets will remain closed on Friday on account of Maharashtra Day. But SGX Nifty is trading down with 387.50 points today.

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