Meet Sofia Ahmed Khan from Kolkata who founded her own range of handmade herbal skincare products that is 100% halal

Meet Sofia Ahmed Khan from Kolkata who founded her own range of handmade herbal skincare products that is 100% halal

The journey to be an entrepreneur is quite an exciting one and someone who gets to share the stage surely remembers it. Sofia’s journey as an entrepreneur started out different and soon took a turn for the best. What started as an Instagram handle in 2018 solely for selling accessories, became a way for her to explore her love for DIY skincare and soon turned into a full-scale business for her. Sofia’s brand has complete 6500+ deliveries across India and is growing each day at full pace. 

In an exclusive interview with OoWER, Sofia revealed some interesting facts and pointers from her journey so far. She mentioned how working with something related to skincare has been quite challenging but most importantly an incredible journey to share! 

OoWER: Thinking of handmade skincare products, Sofia tells us what pushed you to turn this into a full-scale business? 

Sofia: I have always been that DIY person. Even before turning this into a business, I used to try many hacks and recipes at home simply because I like to experiment with my skin, and to get an insight I also did a course on beautician. Most of the products available in the market today are heavy chemical-based that may do more harm than good to your skin and hair in the long run. With my brand, I try to focus on this point and make my products completely natural and chemical-free. I also believe that simplicity is the best makeup anyone can wear and make that possible I make sure I deliver the best! 


OoWER: Working with something dicey as skincare, where each skin type may respond to different ingredients in a completely different way, what were your initial struggles and how do you make sure every safety concern is met? 

Sofia: When it comes to trying products that you have not used before there are a bunch of concerns related to it. When I started, people came to me asking many questions and were afraid to try my products and I understood where they came from. To make this work for my customers and me I began sending them small sample batches to people who were interested to help them trust my brand. Soon I started getting positive feedback and orders that changed the course of my business. 

All my products are made of natural ingredients making them completely safe to use. To make sure the products work for my customers in the best way I ask them about their skin type if they have any allergies and recommend products accordingly based on the given information. To put a final seal of safety I make sure to test my products on each skin type be it dry, oily, acne-prone, and combination. 


OoWER: Being the sole owner of your startup, how has this experience shaped you?

Sofia:  Being the only person behind my blooming business I have learned my fair share of lessons and hope to learn many more along the way. From day one I have been managing everything from my page, orders and replying to every customer, and addressing their concerns in a timely manner. There are times when we are flooded with orders and it does get difficult but what keeps me motivated is getting feedback from my customers and knowing that my hard work is helping them and making them feel confident about themselves. I am a firm believer in working towards what you want without any stops and in the near future, I wish to introduce many new products and open a store to make my brand reach more people and build a community of its own. 

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