Meet Team fixing inefficiencies in the hiring process the most efficient way!

Meet Team fixing inefficiencies in the hiring process the most efficient way!

Bengaluru based start-up was founded in 2019, December and it serves as a platform to bridge the deficit between the employer and the employee. Team comprises five active members who have worked diligently to bring a much-needed solution to the complex hiring process. aims to create an unalterable digital record on a blockchain for employment-related information, across a global network of companies that serves as a single source of truth. At the same time, it should help to make the processes more efficient and transparent for both companies as well as candidates/employees.

The team comprises Vineet Dwivedi (CEO), Yashwanth Jembige (Head of Operations), Ramesh Konatham (Head of Business), Anurag Dixit (Head of Marketing), and Anshul Mishra (Head of Product).

In an exclusive interview with OoWER, Anshul Mishra (Head of Product) talks about their journey in length revealing all their struggles, inspiration, vision, and their plans for the future. Anshul also talks about how their approach has helped people and started a new direction altogether.

Oower:  What has been the driving force behind your start-up initiative?

Anshul: One thing that hasn’t changed in the recruitment process since inception is the job offer roll-out and acceptance experience. The process is marred with inefficiencies and the trust deficit between the employer and the talented workforce. This results in extremely low and unpredictable returns of recruitment drives. Vineet (our Founder & CEO), realized the same while recruiting in his previous ventures and came up with an idea for a complete overhaul of the process by creating an offer closing platform for organizations.

Oower:  Since the initiative was different, what all struggles came your way, and how did you tackle them?

Anshul: The biggest problem with a unique or new solution is that there is not an already existing space to groove into, rather you have to find the space and the adoption is not that easy. During our discussions with potential clients, we realized that it was never the question of “Why?”, rather it was the “How?” Our clients were not very sure, how they will be implementing the solution within their existing system.

To counter this problem, we had to initially be more flexible with how our platform could be used and had to make some custom solutions specific to a client. Although, this problem still persists but with some promising results from our early adopters we have been able to convince new clients with more confidence.

Oower:  How has this journey been so far, from a practical viewpoint as well as learning?

Anshul: The journey of starting up a company or business doesn’t guarantee you success but certainly guarantees a good learning curve. Although it has been a relatively small journey so far to comment much and hopefully, there is a long way to go. What we have realized during our journey is that we have to be open to opinions and feedback from clients/customers which always helps in the improvement of the product.

Oower:  What future plans have you laid for and how will it be an advantage for your clients?

Anshul: We have close to 150 businesses associated with us. Edureka, ClassPlus, Tracxn, and Springworks are some of the major clients who have partnered with us. We plan to launch our platform in the US, November 2020, and get 1 million e-lockers on the platform by December 2021. We plan to have 5k companies associated with us by the end of next year.

The huge base and expansion will be fruitful for our clients in the long run and we hope it all works in our favor!

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