Meet this duo who is making marketing wonders globally!

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Anushree Mittal co-founded ‘The Social Spiritz’ with Shivangi Sehgal in August 2020. As individuals, both Anushree and Shivangi had a mutual love for marketing and looked up to successful companies as their marketing idols. This mutual love bought them together professionally, and after spending endless sleepless nights and brainstorming sessions, they came up with their brain-child ‘The Social Spiritz’ (@thesocialspiritz).

The beginning 

The Social Spiritz is a marketing agency that aims to provide relevant marketing solutions helping businesses to evolve and grow. Their main objective is to cater to their client’s needs through their sharp and creative thinking and making customer satisfaction their top-most priority. They believe that good marketing makes a good company but most importantly, having people to work with who understand the vision and motto on which the company stands is what makes their work come through as excellent. Their brand has both national and international presence in India and Canada respectively. The national market is handled by Anushree and international market by Shivangi. 

Finding their own light!

Considering the restrictions on several aspects that the pandemic has imposed, Anushree and Shivangi struggled their way to bring their idea to reality. Initially, there was difficulty in coming up with a financial plan, estimating the investment, and forming a team of like-minded people. Their idea was questioned by many and people raised eyebrows when they came to know that two women would be running a business. 

Another major challenge that they had to face was the difference in their time zones. Anushree is a resident of Kolkata and her co-founder Shivangi is a resident of Canada which makes their time zones apart for nine complete hours. Initially, they had to struggle to plan meetings that would somehow work for both of them, coordinating with the team and making sure every little work is delivered on time. Having an amazing team by their side, now they have been doing it all effortlessly and managing their time. 

Currently, Anushree and Shivangi cater to their clients in India and Canada, and with time they wish to cover clients from all parts of the world. Having strong knowledge about the international market and its working gives their brand the competitive edge as they could be the source to empowering and supporting passionate business owners like them, helping them gain recognition internationally and finding the right mix of solution to all their marketing problems. 

One important lesson the duo wants to put across from their journey is to be unstoppable and have an open mind. Realizing the importance of patience and believing in your team is essential to reach a certain point. Even though their idea was challenged in a lot of ways, they did not give up and believed that their work would speak for itself. 


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