Meet Urvashi Sarkar from Kolkata who uses art therapy to spread mental health awareness.

Meet Urvashi Sarkar from Kolkata who uses art therapy to spread mental health awareness.
Meet Urvashi Sarkar from Kolkata who uses art therapy to spread mental health awareness.

Urvashi Sarkar, a practicing psychologist by profession co-founded aureole.sacredmandalas with Harivars in August 2020. Aureole.sacredmandalas is a mental health initiative to spread and bring in awareness through Art Therapy. Being impacted by the process herself, the form adopted by Urvashi and her partner consists of healing circles or mandalas. 

Urvashi’s greatest inspiration to work on this initiative was her personal healing journey. She believes that creating art is just not about the final product and the beautiful pieces one creates, it is in fact a way to meditate and center oneself. The entire process works on self-discovery and is often used in therapy as it helps in reducing stress and anxiety. 

Urvashi’s initiative was also challenged in a lot of ways. One of the biggest struggles so far has been trying to find people to connect with on a larger scale and building up the tempo of her page. Content is another thing as it needs to come through with the message and grab the attention of the audience and so far her content is handcrafted ink creatives. 

Urvashi has been trying hard to gather people and let her initiate reach someone in need, and even though her journey has struggles, her belief in what she does motivates her every day. Before getting into the process of creation, Urvashi makes sure she listens to sacred chants for cleansing from within and bringing in inner peace. She derives clarity, patience, hope and love for oneself while creating the pieces. She believes that there are no rights or wrongs attached to it and it is just an individual being oneself and reconnecting to oneself on a much deeper level.

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Instagram: @aureole.sacredmandalas

Her vision is to create a better society where people are much aware of the happenings of the human mind, a place where mental health is appreciated without any stigma attached to it and more and more people are well-informed about themselves. A place where people realize and embrace self-love to self-heal and embark on their journey in this beautiful world. 

Urvashi’s journey in making the world a better place has just begun, and she has immense faith that she will be able to make a difference in society. Reaching the right people have always been a challenge for her, but she believes that the right things find the right people at the right time and all that you need to have is patience and courage to be kind to one-self!

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