Myanmar may have a new People’s Army to challenge the Military.

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Myanmar, the country which expelled its own citizens: the Rohingyas, has been facing a political crisis since earlier this year. A military coup was carried out in February putting an end to Aung San Su Kyi’s undisputed rule over the land. There was a huge global outcry regarding the coup and the question of safety and democracy were cited.

Ever since the coup, people in Myanmar have been indulging in excessive protests across the country to overthrow the military regime in the favour of democracy. However, their protests have not resulted in anything constructive for them due to the military’s overall control of the situation.  As violence continues to intensify in Myanmar, 828 people have been confirmed to be killed since the military takeover on February 1, according to Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP). “As of 26 May, 828 people are now confirmed killed by this junta coup,” said AAPP, adding that a total of 4,330 people are currently under detention.

However, there’s a new interesting turn of events as a new people’s army is being raised to challenge the military who staged a coup. The opponent of the present military regime has set up an underground government and said its first batch of recruits have finished training for a new defense force. They have released a video of the army recruits parading in uniforms. The National Unity Government, which is the underground opponent government of the people against the coup, had announced that it would form a People’s Defence Force to challenge the army which seized power through the coup. This can help the common people who have continuously been protesting against the military regime.

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