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Never give up; Sabiha Lodi

Never give up; Sabiha Lodi

Sabiha Lodi is a Kolkata based make-up artist who founded her own makeup academy by the name “Sabiha Lodi”. Her encounter with makeup happened at a strange point in life when she had just graduated and didn’t know what direction to go to pursue her post-graduation. Her journey started when she had no clue if it was even the right thing for her but the end result says it all! 

Sabiha’s love for makeup wasn’t clear until one fine day she was standing outside Mac’s store and found herself feeling intimated even before entering. The working artists, their style, the way they carried themselves, all felt different to her like she has entered a new world altogether. This exact feeling was the turning point in her life. From that day her love for makeup grew and she became fonder. Even though she wasn’t sure if she wanted to pursue it as a full-time thing, but she was sure that she wanted to join MAC. 


The major struggle for Sabiha was to break the stigma that is attached to this profession. Her decision to make a living out of what she loves was questioned by many but that didn’t let her give up. She took up a basic makeup course but not getting any help from it, she started practicing on her own. Sabiha is a self-learned artist and she had put in all the effort to make her work top-notch perfect. Her hard work paid off for her when in 2017 when got a call from MAC for an interview and got selected for it. This great opportunity gave her the chance to connect and learn from amazing artists from all over India and completely shaped her. 

Another major challenge that came her way was to get people to know her. Initially, Sabiha also worked for free to display her work for people to notice and got most of her clients through word-of-mouth. 

 In 2018 she had even conducted a makeup workshop single-handedly and invested a big amount of money to make it big. To make it better Sabiha wrapped the workshop with a small exhibition for which she got young entrepreneurs to showcase their products and that strategy proved to be a hit for her. 

Even though the workshop was a huge loss for her in terms of money, it gave her the exposure she needed. People started recognizing her and appreciating her work which was double the loss she suffered. 

Instagram: @sabiha.lodi

Hard work always pays off! 

Sabiha wishes to see more and more women join this profession, and this stigma attached to this profession that it may not be reputed and cannot be a means to earn living shatters and makes people look beyond it. She believes that making someone look and feel good about themselves is the most beautiful thing no other job can give you that satisfaction, and she takes pride in what she does. 

Sabiha’s journey puts forward a new way to look at life. It teaches how uncertainty can sometimes take you to beautiful journeys but one must be patient to let it unfold. There may be people questioning you at all times but standing and working for what you believe can take you to a journey of self-discovery and happiness! 


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