Productivity vs unproductivity: A war with yourself.

Productivity vs unproductivity: A war with yourself.
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“ Am I being productive?”

“ Did I do something today?”

“Did I learn something new?”

“Should I enrol myself in new courses?”

I am sure that one of these questions must have come across your mind or some of you are even battling with this! Soon, we all will be completing 100 days of lockdown and the most asked question has been whether to be productive or not! 

Even when you open LinkedIn these days, you will find thousands of your connections sharing certificates of various courses, Webinars etc..which in turn only pressurizes you at the back of your mind! But, every side has two coins, and here is what I have to say about this!

  • Well, it’s good if you are gaining something new out of all this, but what if I say that this all is of no use? By doing this, you are just adding fuel and never running it, and next, this fuel will just overflow and a total waste! This exactly what happens if you keep on adding things to your knowledge and apply nothing to your life!

Being productive or unproductive also depends upon the life you were living before lockdown. If you have always been overloaded with work or staying away from your family, then this is the best time to spend time with your family and to build those relations again without worrying about your work! But if you have always felt the shortage of time and never got to start new things/hobbies, then this is a perfect time to work on that!

No doubt, it’s good to utilise your time but surely not at the cost of your mental health! Also, considering the sensitive times we are living in, it’s perfectly fine to just pause your work and practice mindfulness. Some of you even have lost their jobs, so just hang in there, we all are in this together! Till then, keep a regular check on yourselves and your close friends!

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