Queen of wellness; Vandana Luthra

Vandana Luthra is an Indian entrepreneur and the founder of VLCC decided to become an entrepreneur when the concept of being one was as bizarre as her idea.
Indian entrepreneur and the founder of VLCC

Vandana Luthra is an Indian entrepreneur and the founder of VLCC Health Care Ltd. 61-year old Vandana decided to become an entrepreneur when the concept of being one was as bizarre as her idea.

She founded VLCC in 1989 as a beauty and wellness center in Delhi on a small bank loan. Her first setup was in Safdarjung, a locality in New Delhi which now has its presence in 13 countries and has become an international brand today. VLCC has around 100,000 outlets in India and 10,000 outlets outside India, it has employed more than 5000 people and catered to millions around the world. Vandana Luthra’s net worth is estimated to be ₹1,300 crores.

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Vandana’s idea to cater to the beauty and wellness needs of people was criticized by all. To bring her idea to the table and to make people realize how important of an aspect it was wasn’t a cakewalk for her. In the 1980s, when Vandana started because the idea was completely new, people assured her that it would fail. Even after facing criticism and reluctance from people, Vandana had faith in her idea. She knew it was unique and being introduced. Even though her husband offered to provide her financial aid, Vandana refused and started by taking a load from the bank and booking the place all on her own.

The approach to her idea was scientific. From the very beginning, she started working with doctors. She was on board with cosmetologists and nutritionists but convincing doctors to work with beauty and fitness experts was a task for her. It took her 5-6 years to convince doctors how beauty and fitness are co-related and important for leading a healthy life. Soon she was able to convince them and work towards her goal. From services to products, she made VLCC a one-stop-shop for her clients. She wanted to fulfill every requirement of her clients by providing them all head-to-toe services.

Vandana was clear with the fact that her brand would be a clinic catering to all aspects of a women’s body, from beauty to fitness and health.

It wasn’t late after she launched when success came knocking at her door. Her unique idea made people curious and clients came one after the other to explore her services.

Overcoming the setback

Vandana started as a woman entrepreneur when the work sector was mostly male-dominated and faced a lot of challenges on her way to reach where she is now. From then till now her focus has remained the same and even today she is motivated to become and begin a change, to create awareness about beauty and wellness among the masses, and to train and give employment to people.

Her constant approach to unfolding a new layer related to her area of interest has kept her going in changing and making people’s lives better! For her excellent work in the beauty and wellness sector, Vandana has also been presented with several awards and recognitions.

In early May, Vandana Luthra salutes the frontline corona warrior on twitter.

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